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  • CSGO - USP Ninjas

    What is USP Ninjas?

    USP Ninjas is a silent assassination mod that puts Ts as the hiders and CTs as the seekers. The goal each round is to eliminate the other team, or for the Terrorists to wait out the timer and win by default.  

    General Rules

    • No cheating, scripting, ghosting or exploiting the game in any way. If you find a bug we ask that you report it on the forums so it can be dealt with. 
    • Advertising is not allowed
      • This includes, but not limited to - other communities, tiny / bit.ly links, porn, viruses. Streams, community links, and YouTube is allowed. 
      • Letters in front of your name are fine ex. [CG] Mr. Speaker  / [AG] blake_won.
    • Do not mic spam/use soundboards. Mic spam can be defined as using your mic in a way that it interferes with the game play. Ex. You're telling a pointless story and people can't hear anything (there's no footsteps anyways).
    • Do not harass the other players/ staff. If someone expresses that they are not okay with something that is said you must not say it again. If you continue to do so you will be muted/gagged.

      Breaking any of the above rules may result in a permanent ban.
    • Camping by the CTs is not tolerated. Camping and delaying the round may result in a slay.
    • Harassment of another player will result in a gag/mute. Continuous harassment whether verbal or written will be dealt with on the forums and you may be permanently banned.
    • This is an English based server/community and you must have at least one readable word in your name. Staff may change your name but if it is not fixed by the next map you will be kicked. Overriding this by changing your name back or leaving and coming back immediately will result in a kick and if continuous will result in a 3 day ban.

    Game-play Rules

    Take an example of Hide and Seek, Hiders hide, seekers seek. Each team starts with $1000, a USP-Tactical, and a Kevlar(No helmet), Seekers are allowed to be outside any time while chasing and luring Hiders out. Use tactical team work in order to win rounds,

    1. Seekers are NOT allowed to camp, spot windows at any time. Do your objective your or be SLAYED.(Does not apply after Rule 17, Seekers must still chase after Hiders)
    2. Seekers are NOT allowed to use any other weapons except: (USP-Tactical, FLASH BANGS, DECOY and KNIFE).
    3. Seekers are NOT allowed to boost, block or abuse entities (example: Keep half way doors open for personal advantage.)
    4. Seekers are NOT allowed to ghost, others players in chat, voice or even other communications, If caught will be result in punishment.
    5. Seekers are NOT allowed to spam decoys, flash bangs at teammates or at spawn point.
    6. Hiders are NOT allowed to be outside at anytime during the game-play. No glitching, or exploiting if caught using for personal advantage, expect to be slayed, kicked or even banned. 
    7. Hiders are NOT allowed to boost in windows, ceilings, or vents in order to peak camp.
    8. Hiders are NOT allowed to spawn kill Seekers, if caught, will be result in slay, kick or ban.
    9. Hiders are NOT allowed to use any other weapons except: (USP-Tactical, Cameras), or when picked up from the CT's
    10. Hiders are NOT allowed to block doors, use illegal boosts example: (boosting trough roof, windows, or walls), will be result in punishment.
    11. Hiders are NOT allowed to ghost, others players in chat, voice or even other communications, If caught will be result in punishment.
    12. NO Ghosting allowed. Period, if caught will be result in punishment
    13. Work in teams, use tactical ideas to eliminate opposite team., you can partner up with with your own team only, but not with the opposite team, 
    14. We are not responsible of heart attacks, panic attacks or any damage happening to you, Ninjas can be and are everywhere.
    15. No camera abuse, Hiders are not allowed to break, use or abuse other players cameras.
    16. No Flashlights allowed in the server.
    17. Do not camp/kill or spawn kill Any players during first 10-15 seconds of the round.
    18. Do not team swap, stay within current team. If you will abuse team swapping, or exploit it, you will be kicked or banned.
    19. Any questions, about rules, game-play ideas or anything related to USP Ninjas server please contact: MrSpeaker

    Helpful Hints

    • Ts(Hiders) cannot go outside. As a T jumping on window ledges or taking a pixel step outside the compound will shine death from above onto you.
    • Keep your silencer on, Less sound = less chances to be noticed.
    • Work in teams, successful assassinations is fully rewarding.
    • Use cameras in less visible spots, If seekers can't see them, more chances for you to eliminate them!
    • Try not to use doors, players could hear you from other rooms, floors or even at spawn!
    • Players can see bullet impact, always stay alert, if you execute someone, its not the best option to stay in same room/spot.
    • Use flash bangs only when necessary!
    • Don't waste bullets, you're only limited to 12/24 in a single USP-Tactical
    • Avoid fall damage, people can hear you!
    • Avoid Jumping, bhopping, or even reloading others can hear you!
    • Hiders, try to stay in less visible spots, If Seekers don't see you, its a bonus!

      *Rules are subject to change, changes to the rules may happen without announcement.*

      Last modified 8/2/2017 @ 11:00 pm


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