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  1. Hello!

    Can someone explain to me who is Inverht ive been hearing the name a lot in PM is fine if required
  2. Hello!

    Oh okay! got it! Thank you very much anyway that collection was very helpful
  3. Hello!

    No I have the CSS textures and stuff but I remember there being a workshop collection of all the modded items that just make it easier to connect and stuff if I download before hand
  4. Hello!

    I joined cause I played on the GMod server a lot and plan to play on it again as soon as I find the workshop collection. I play many games mostly Dota and Rainbow Six but I'll play most anything free or that I own already and will be trying to expand what I own soon. I am not very good at games but I try and I don't tilt easily. It says interests so like idk art, music, science, and philosophy are my primary ones right now and games are fun as well

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