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Server Moderator - CS:GO TTT
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  1. Battle of the Communities IV

    Sign me up, i can support/entry.
  2. I'm gonna have to agree with sin here, typically this rule just results in Inno-Inno killing and has an overall negative effect on gameplay which out weighs the postive impact it has, which would be to make it a little easier to kill a traitor.
  3. CS:GO TTT mod abuse

    I do agree that I made a mistake and was being disrespectful, but as Jackie mentioned I was just getting annoyed with the same problem and am sorry for any harm I caused. Love, Takeoff
  4. Title: [CSGO TTT][MOD][Bot Dagazar]

    +1 Solid dude, deserves a place on the mod squad.
  5. FartGarfunkel Mod Application [CS:GO TTT]

    +1 Solid guy, would love to have him as mod.
  6. Update: New Haircut

    Oh I got this one! I would tape the balloon around your face then pour the water over it to waterboard you!
  7. Voting Round Two

    clearly the other one, duh
  8. Title: [CSGO TTT][Admin][Dryden]

    + 142 solid weeb, goodmin, all around ok guy
  9. CG ESEA Open Season 26

    MGE i'd gladly play if you'd let me ;) (NA)
  10. [CSGO TTT][MOD][Artego]

    solid dude +1
  11. In Game Name: Takeoff SteamID: STEAM_0:1:46255654 Hours In Server (gametracker): 65.4 Recommendations By Moderators | Admins (required): @Mitch @James @Muator @Jackie Do You Know Basic Admin Commands For CSGO (sm_admin): Yes What Rules Are Most Commonly Broken: RDM and KOS Why Do You Think You Deserve Staff: I have played for a long time, assist staff whenever possible and have a reputation with players. Have You Previously Been Staff For This Server: No Have You Previously Been Staff For Any Server: No Any Further Comments: Thanks!

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