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  1. CS:GO Extravagnza

    Deal whats ur steam, >:)
  2. CS:GO Extravagnza

    then @The Asian http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198394822467/ i never said anyone was saying that, im just saying im bored so people plz 1v1 me
  3. CS:GO Extravagnza

    then anyone who thinks they better than me 1v1 me, im bored, also why -rep me?
  4. CS:GO Extravagnza

    no longer have access to the account as i sold it on a smurf website to buy more accounts but since im smurfing my current one is MG1, i will 1v1 u if u add me
  5. CS:GO Extravagnza

    1v1 me faggot, quickscope only on rust http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198394822467/
  6. CS:GO Extravagnza

    might do hunger games but that may be it
  7. CS:GO Extravagnza

    i know im new to the forums and all, but i dont really feel like doing much that isnt competitive against other people unless needed
  8. CS:GO Extravagnza

    can i please qualify? would love to help out, if you wanna test my skill HMU http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198394822467/
  9. CS:GO Extravagnza

    if anyone wants to 1v1 me, or if others wanna join against me im fine with Me VS 1-5
  10. CS:GO Extravagnza

    oh, using smurf because i need hours on it
  11. CS:GO Extravagnza

  12. CS:GO Extravagnza

    new player on forums, super told me about it, im interested, will be playing on my smurf but my real rank is SMFC

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