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  1. Trial Mod Application

    -Neutral- Google is a good guy, he is helpful and knows the rules, i think a trial mod position would be good but i also agree there is currently alot of staff
  2. Title: [CSGO TTT][MOD][Bot Dagazar]

    +1 great guy, knows the rules and helps out alot
  3. In Game Name: FartGarfunkel SteamID: STEAM_0:0:7175347 Hours In Server (gametracker): 66 Recommendations By Moderators | Admins (required): @Takeoff Do You Know Basic Admin Commands For CSGO (sm_admin): Yes What Rules Are Most Commonly Broken: RDM, Mic Spam and i would say pretending to be staff Why Do You Think You Deserve Staff: I don't? i haven't done anything outstanding for the community but i try to follow the rules and have fun the best i can Have You Previously Been Staff For This Server: No Have You Previously Been Staff For Any Server: Yes, and Ran servers Any Further Comments: Here's a new pepe for posting the first app in the wrong place and for your consideration
  4. FartGarfunkel Mod Application [CS:GO TTT]

    Forum Username: FartGarfunkel Steam Account Link (For Contact Purposes): https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198103772686/ Are you active on our TeamSpeak? (For Contact Purposes): I'm on the discord How long have you been in the community?: Maybe a month? not sure when i first joined exactly but 60+ hours on TTT and a few on HG If you wish, Name 5 people that would recommend you as Forum Moderator: Takeoff, Little Alpaca, Magic Rick, Jackie (maybe) Do you have any prior knowledge of IPB? (Invision Power Board): Not IPB directly but i have been staff on other servers and have ran servers Why do you want this position?: I'm on alot and like the community Why do you deserve this position?: I don't? i haven't done anything outstanding for the community but i try to follow the rules and have fun the best i can Do you understand that any abuse of this position may result in major consequences?: Of Course, admin abuse (in some cases) can destroy a server Ps: Here's a dank pepe for your consideration

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