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  1. Battle of the Communities IV

    Do we know what time the CG match is suppose to be happening? since I'm going to be busy around six to nine
  2. Next TTT Staff Meeting.

    @Mitch I'm out of my house till the 1st
  3. Battle of the Communities IV

    I have a party I have to be at during the 14th but other then that I have no plans. my best role in a team is baiting
  4. Steam Gift card giveaway!

    Forum Name: Jackie STEAM URL: http://steamcommunity.com/id/DefinitMiss/ cant wait to lose another giveaway bois
  5. Trial Mod Application

    Neutral Haven't really seen him stand out from any other members of the community. if this would be going anywhere most I would have is a 2 week trial. I agree with @BOT CLONER about the amount of staff. sometimes it seems overkill.
  6. Sup Bitches

    ummm where are the pictures of the bird? send me them like this second on discord ;)
  7. Hello

    Thats one Saltine Cracker
  8. New player model ideas

    +1 for weeb model all day everyday
  9. Hello Everyone

    Haven't quite done one of these and it might be a little late but I guess here you go? Im Jackie and I'll gladly boost you to plastic 3 ;)
  10. CS:GO TTT mod abuse

    I'll take on that challenge aswell ;)
  11. Title: [CSGO TTT][MOD][Bot Dagazar]

    I agree with Dryden trial mod would be a good idea to start with and see how he does.
  12. [CSGO TTT][Admin][Jackie]

    You wish ;)
  13. C4 idea [CSGO TTT]

    +1 this is a truly wonderful and clever idea
  14. CS:GO TTT mod abuse

    Moderators do Not have permissions to ban. Therefore we have to constantly kick. The admins online were not doing anything.
  15. In Game Name: Jackie ♞ SteamID: STEAM_0:1:41242513 Hours In Server (gametracker): 143.17 Recommendations By Admins (required): @Sidartha @Mitch @Red John @Dryden @James @SinisterSultan Do you have a strong understanding of our TTT rules: Yes I believe I have a very strong understanding. What Rules Are Most Commonly Broken: RDM, Mic Spam, Disrespect. Why Do You Think You Deserve Admin: So I can further more help develop the community and help us become a new and improved Colosseum Gaming® Any Further Comments: If you think I didn't put any effort into this application, its because I was playing TTT at the same time.

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