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  1. In Game Name: Dryden SteamID:STEAM_0:0:139789235 Hours In Server (Gametracker): Doesnt work Recommendations By Moderators | Admins (required): No staff yet Do You Know Basic Admin Commands For CSGO (sm_admin): Yes What Rules Are Most Commonly Broken: Kill before 15 seconds Why Do You Think You Deserve Staff: because I enjoy playing USP ninjas Have You Previously Been Staff For This Server:No Have You Previously Been Staff For Any Server: Yes, TTT Any Further Comments: I love you speaker
  2. There's not an outline but I got like 3 hours on it, I like it and id like to be staff on it. <3 u
  3. I dont think this post is accurate, nor is it needed. I really made the post because i wanted everyone to understand what was going on with disrespect towards players not just me.
  4. Rant- "You're a pussy xd"

    See I don't understand that, and with my (shitty) life experiences, I take it as a personal insult.
  5. Rant- "You're a pussy xd"

    Encouraging toxic behaviour would be saying "rdm xxx cus he's a fag"
  6. Rant- "You're a pussy xd"

    Its not targeted at any one person Its a lot of the staff who I see doing these things
  7. [CSGO TTT][Unban Request] Rin

    He practically begged me to. No, he literally begged me to ban him, then I said "one hour?" he said, "Fuck it, perma ban me, you won't."
  8. fav song tbh

    This is proof that silly is in fact, billy.
  9. CSGO TTT][Unban Request] Rin

    This man was my first ban <3
  10. New player model ideas

    Just a bunch of skins off of the gamebanana CSGO skins, thought they were cool Lara Croft Duke Nukem Trump White SAS skin Santa Girl
  11. Title: [CSGO TTT][MOD][Bot Dagazar]

    Neutral, I see you on, you follow the rules perfectly, and you're quite active. Regardless of that I sometimes feel like you're easily over-spoken by other players. that would make it hard to enforce the rules. Maybe if you got mod this would be not an issue. If this was a 2 week trial position id +1 the shit out of it.
  12. [CSGO TTT][Admin][Jackie]

    +1 Sometimes i call him jack and if this wasnt accepted, well that would be wack
  13. FartGarfunkel Mod Application [CS:GO TTT]

    Wrong place to apply go to forums CSGO Then staff applications and use the mod application there

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