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  1. Since there is going to be a hardcore reset. you MUST send me ur links of how many points u have in ur pointshop by this Saturday. If u dont do it, VIP will only get 500k points. Non-vip will get nothing. Send me your Screen shots on here ASAP! Server restart will make download much faster. :) Heres the Leap of faith to blast CG off the top again!
  2. Hardcord Restart = Need Points/Screenshots

    This is not a valid PS version that we are using @Flipp3d Sorry but it must be current.
  3. So after a lot of thinking for the server and our community of CG, and i was thinking, we should get a hard reset on the server. I need ur thoughts now cuz its going to happen around this up coming week. Only thing i plan to keep is PS2 (Pointshop 2). Nothing else. We will try to get a fast download to this server. Hopefully cuz thats mainly why ppl join in most servers cuz of the fast download. What are your thoughts guys?
  4. gmod textures wont load

    Ah i c. u wanna put it into some folder. the only way i know is buyin the actual game and clicking the Controller (at main menu) and check the CS:S box. Sorry i dont know the other way but thanks for hopping on
  5. oG Dankys mod application

    @Kimilinni We shall see. We have been getting lots of activity on lately and most of it is Users. Not Regulars or vip. So we shall see what happens.
  6. That was not a SUGGESTION!
  7. So here are some things I've been thinking about for the server. Im going to need a few more maps on the server (Will be deleting the ones no one goes to anymore). But the biggest thought of all is the Weapons. Keeping the TFA or M9k or getting rid of both and adding something else. Or just getting rid of one of them? I need your help guys. Not all ur dreams will come true but it maybe considered. This post will be suggestions for everything. If you want something to be removed or maybe something added, put it in here. Remember what makes this Community great is we all pitch in together. I need ur help. So place Maps, Playermodels, Weapons, etc. Post dem.
  8. Coming out of retirement

    Aye Ive been workin hard m8. Doin a lot of work indeed. Almost had a full server on Sunday. And most of it was users! So far so good. Just a lot more to go.
  9. Foxtrot's Staff app

    This doesnt mean that ur not able to get mod tho foxtrot. Keep coming on the server and getting more hours!~ U can do it!~
  10. Expressing Graditute

    Guys I'd just like to say. Thank you for all your support and help through the hardships of the server. We are making a massive come back to the server. Theres a work still and some tough decisions to make but I just want to say to everyone. Thank you so much. I really couldnt have done this without all of you... In game tracker we are in the 79% Percentitle Rank: 828 And that is jumping very rapidly!!! We were rank 2000+ in the 68%. And just in a few weeks we turned this thing around and almost are getting really popular! Once again guys, I really couldn't have done it without this community we have. We have a highs and lows and need help, and thats what makes this community all great. We all pitch in to help the one guy thats bringing everything together. When I get on and hear ppl say, "Wow this server is awesome!" Its not just by me guys. Its you. Your the reason why CG is still here today. Thank you guys so much for all that you have done. I'll see you on the server. I'm all fired up! -- Jim Raynor
  11. Expressing Graditute

    Lol Sorry @James Cant help u there.
  12. Coming out of retirement

    Nooooooooooooope not happenin~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  13. We're Back! Winter Raffle!

    Im down! Sounds great! My the odd ever been in everyones favor~
  14. Thank You so much Esbelto!!!
  15. Hey everyone! Pretty much everyone knows now, but Esbelto has retired from the Gmod TTT Server. I'm thankful for what he as done in the past and now, he's moving on. Thanks for ur SA Service on TTT Esbelto! Now I'm the new Server Manager! Ill be working on a lot of stuff trying to make download a lot faster. That means I am going to have to cut out some of the stuff that we like on the server. I know some stuff is great and all, but we need to do this if we can get the server back up and running. Plus! I need people to join. All you members out there I'm calling out for help! We need to get our server up and running. Once we get more ppl on; the more users will join us (as long as ur not dicks or they are not dicks). I hope to have you guys help me make this server popular again! Battle On my friends! View full record
  16. @Kawaii Satan @The Asian Every little bit helps guys! Thanks so much for your Support! I'll take all the help i can get! ^_^
  17. Starting on December 1st a weapon will come out, the MG42 XMAS. This weapon will be available for non-vip members as well. This event only lasts til new years day! Come get your new decked out WWII Weapon! :D More Christmas stuff is TBA.
  18. Donation :)

    Thanks for ur donation ill give u ur vip status
  19. Hiya guys I'm your new Server Manager for GC Gmod TTT server! So far been making a lot of progress on making the server loading time faster! Some ppl can download most the stuff from 4-10 mins starting out! Thats almost the standerd loading time for non-vanilla servers! But I cant do this on my own i need u ppl to help me out! Come on the server more often! Make it the best server ever! We can do it! We got this guys! Bring the server back from the Dead! Lets go!!!
  20. So as some of u know. There is a Airdrops on the server. On Cyber Monday Only, there will be an Increase chance to get Rare Items! Weapons and Skins! More are being add so be sure to be on for Cyber Monday! Dont miss your chance! ONLY ON CYBER MONDAY! B-b-b-b-b-back-back-back! The server will Rise up from the Dead! :D
  21. @Superkiller4933 Hey how about coming to the server on monday for the new event on monday! Could use yah man :)
  22. Well at least ive cared about the server long enough to change the things that are in it @Apollo @Rin ;^)
  23. Donated for the First time!

    @The Asian On the Gmod TTT server. I already added his perks.
  24. Donated for the First time!

    Thx for ur donation!~
  25. In Game Name : .................... Jim REEnor Steam ID : ..................... STEAM_0:1:56207572 Hours In Server (gametracker) : 218.37 Recommendations By Moderators | Admins : @Cocoa, @Microsoft Excel/Word(<---beamstream), @Untied Status Marin Crops Do You Know Basic Admin Commands for GMOD (ulx) : .......... Yes. Why Do You Think You Deserve Staff : .................. I've support the server, and enforce some rules when they weren't made. I am a trusting (when not on ttt) player. I will help who ever needs the help. What Rules Do You See Commonly Broken on TTT : ............ RDMing. Ghosting. Bullying and Harassment. No three following or testing warnings. Have You Previously Been Staff For This Server : ............................. yes im a mod right now. Have You Previously Been Staff For Any Server : .................... Super-admin for 2 years on a server that died (FWG - Fantasy Wolf Gaming). And mod on here for 2+ weeks. Any More Comments : .......... look forward to working more with yall ^_^

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