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  1. He's been staff for a longggg time, you guys don't pay attention do you?
  2. Submit jokes!

    is this a salt joke or an ass joke?
  3. Submit jokes!

  4. Submit jokes!

    see @K_roZen . This guy gets it.
  5. Submit jokes!

    What do you call a black banana?
  6. CG Body Count

    @James you're mom gay?
  7. HAPPY ♥H A L L O W E E N♥

    here we call them blue bins, you put plastic recycling in it.
  8. HAPPY ♥H A L L O W E E N♥

    right. listen here you little shet. My gambling addiction is totally not the reason my family live in a bin okay?
  9. CSGO TTT Is Back (soon)

    1v1 me insomnia fgt
  10. CSGO TTT Is Back (soon)

    Close your whore mouth boi.
  11. CSGO TTT Is Back (soon)

    I'm confident in our abilities as a pair.
  12. It's been while since the server has been functional and populated and I am aware that you want the fun to return. I am glad to announce that (if all goes to plan) the server will be up and running in the next couple weeks. As this task is completely new to me I have asked a very good friend of mine to assist in the behind the scenes work. @Mo0k is someone i have know for a very long time and i have complete trust that both him and I can bring the server above what you knew it as before. If you have any questions or suggestions on the server please contact me or @Mo0k. Thank you. View full record
  13. Battle of the Communities IV

    mate you missed out

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