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  1. [GMOD][TTT][UNBAN][Inverht] 2nd Attempt

    @Scrinn @Han'na-Hiru Please close this thread, i no longer care about the ban and will not play with this toxic ass community
  2. [GMOD][TTT][UNBAN][Inverht] 2nd Attempt

    i respected everyone until i realized everyone holds grudges
  3. [GMOD][TTT][UNBAN][Inverht] 2nd Attempt

    reaper is a cunt and so is frizzy
  4. [GMOD][TTT][UNBAN][Inverht] 2nd Attempt

    i honestly dont care considering how the community is shit, people dont care, they dont like to see other people get their way
  5. [GMOD][TTT][UNBAN][Inverht] 2nd Attempt

    fuck you all the only peeps i miss is han'na, goku, revan, achillies, Super (OF COURSE), and maybe others that i forgot about
  6. [GMOD][TTT][UNBAN][Inverht] 2nd Attempt

    alrught fine, since people dont know how to fucking forgive, i dont give a shit anymore, the community is shit, the people here are shit, people like reaper are cunts and should NOT be even allowed to apply, scrinn is rarely on, satan is a fucking sass queen and harsh and brutal at all times, reaper is a cunt that likes to ruin peoples days, han'na is chill and super is best staff ever, payne is a real pain in the ass, frizzy is a straight up cunt, and most the staff here are just straight up cunts that dont care about how others feel, you fucks need to learn to give others chances, get a motherfucking life, stop judging people online, give them a fucking chance
  7. [GMOD][TTT][UNBAN][Inverht] 2nd Attempt

    when i first got banned i was truly sorry and i was crying, i am trying to change and i have, but no one can see that because i cant contact them
  8. Steam Name: Inverht Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:83577421 Admin that banned you: Unspecified (i believe it was @Scrinn... Not sure tho) Ban Length: Permanent Reason for your ban: Said Banned F word (bundle of wood one) Why you wish to be unbanned: i realized after what had happened that i probably deserved some type of punishment, but i also think that a perma ban might have been a little harsh. i know i have been a little shithead on the server but please let me back, i respect that people may not like me but there are people on the server that i really enjoy playing with and hope to continue playing with. Please let me play with you guys again. i am aware that many of the actions i have made in the past were irrisponsible and i should not have made them. many of my actions on the server were inappropriate and they were not very good decisions. I apologize for any things i have done in the past and hope i can be forgiven for them. i know that many of my actions on the server should not have been made but i hope that if i get unbanned i can make up for those Any other comments: thank you for reading my application and i hope to be unbanned soon. i love the people that play the server and i have a great time playing with you but i get carried away sometimes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (please do not -rep just because you do not like me... acutally read it before you lower my forum rep)
  9. [GMOD][TTT][UNBAN][Inverht]

    because im just helping him code stuff, [CG] is my MAIN and FAVORITE server. it will stay that way even if i dont get unbanned, i wont be able to get unbanned if i dont become more liked, i cant become more liked if i cant play with you guys. i see things differently and i wish i could see things like others do but its harder for me not because of any of my disabilities but the way my mind works. i think differently from others and see things differently from others as well.
  10. [GMOD][TTT][UNBAN][Inverht]

    i dont think anyone understands this without add/adhd, but i attach people or things to certain memories, its mainly goku and super that im attached to for the main reason of goku is just the funnest person to play with and super is my fav staff and is funny to and fun to play with
  11. [GMOD][TTT][UNBAN][Inverht]

    i want to apply be unbanned on this server, you guys dont seem to understant that this is my favorite server
  12. [GMOD][TTT][UNBAN][Inverht]

    no one else takes me seriously, why should i take myself seriously.
  13. [GMOD][TTT][UNBAN][Inverht]

    inverht is my main? im confused
  14. [GMOD][TTT][UNBAN][Inverht]

    we are legion. we do not forgive. we do not forget. we are the forums

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