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  1. Dude...Kill me. What is the point in life

  2. Cloner is bae. Cloner will always be bae. Lol claiming it.  Idgaf.

    Just kidding. I love you all.

    Cloner is still bae though.

    1. Carter


      Well this was...Short lived.


  3. I think the simple solution to all of this is to apologize. You shouldn't have said anything about anyone (especially admins) being gay , It was directed to all the admins . He perma gagged your chat so that you couldn't type. You had free will to speak and talk to Bot as needed. Granted it is hard to hear over others talking maybe you should have added Bot and personally messaged him. You're right. No need for the perma gag. But he did ask you to apologize. And he isn't rude to everyone and not everyone hates him. You simply said something rude and shouldn't have. As stated in the rules... "Harassment and Disrespectful behaviour is Not Allowed."

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