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  1. Resignment

    I am here to make a post about me resigning. I have been so packed lately with work. I just got my 3rd job and that only leaves me with 6 hours to sleep and eat and "relaxation". By "Relaxation", i mean gives me time between jobs... I hope there's a day in the future where i can have 2 or even just 1 job and be able to pay all my bills, but that won't be the case for a while. So here i am, posting one more message for everyone. @Kimilinni Thank you for giving me a chance to help you with the server @Red John @Therical @Smushies @Philip @Headline @Mortal @Cyn @Kimilinni @_pragmastrict @Punky @Sidartha @SinisterSultan @Sea pancake @OpRaHs-PuBeS You are great friends and i hope we can still talk when i'm off work I also hope in the future i can come back and be able to help the servers again if i have time to do so. Till then, everyone have fun!
  2. Come and grab it

  3. [CSGO TTT][MOD][Cyn]

    +1 very good player. I highly recommend him based off of his knowledge of the rules, and his activity.
  4. KOS off of Sound

    I feel like KOS off of sound shouldn't be allowed, because that can also lead to KOS off of location at times. Which would then lead to mass-rdm of everyone that has the same gun that shot.
  5. [CSGO TTT][Demote Request][BladedList56]

    Nope. The night he gave me staff, he gave me admin for 5 minutes to ban a mass-rdmer (as per his orders) then he put me down to regular mod
  6. [CSGO TTT][Demote Request][BladedList56]

    I am so sorry this has happened @Oh yeah mr krabs, I wasn't using level headed thinking when i went to ban you. I accidentally did the perm ban and once i noticed it, i panicked and could not fix it myself as i do not have SB access yet, otherwise i would have fixed it ASAP. I completely misunderstood what you have typed and that is something that i will make sure not to do again. Would you guys give me a second chance?
  7. [CSGO TTT][Demote Request][BladedList56]

    I didn't mean to click perm ban, i only ment to click the lowest one, but my finger hit the 1 for perm because of my fat finger. I warned the whole server not once, but two times to stop spamming "neko" in voice, and Pho kept on saying it so i muted him. I thought Krabs (who was going by songebob at the time) was agging on and he said it one time in the chat after i said to quit. I did not know at the time that he was saying something else than what he said. When he said "n-word's aren't people" i took it as something very racist and it turns out that is not the point
  8. [CSGO TTT][Map Removal][ttt_princess_terminal_f1]

    The person that created the map has had a busy schedule from what i hear. She's also working on a brand new map for CSGO TTT
  9. New CSGO TTT Head Admin

    Ouch, that hurts xD
  10. New CSGO TTT Head Admin

    because @Kimilinni wasnt on so i couldn't ask her
  11. New CSGO TTT Head Admin

    I will do my best to help out @Kimilinni with the server, and help out the TTT staff-members. If you have any questions, Please feel free to ask me when Kimi is not available .
  12. Breath of the wild for pc

    I saw a prototype rom for the CEMU emulator, but it was far away from working perfectly. They had some issues with not being able to go into the water, and some various other things that were game breaking (like not being able to go past the tutorial if i remember correctly) But this is good that it is progressing from when i last heard about it. For them to have fixed the water issues.
  13. Non sense killing on TTT

    I hopped back on after seeing this and banned k9
  14. [CSGO TTT][MOD][Ysoof]

    -1 For now. Great player, but you need more than 14 hours man. I heard somewhere around 40 or so during our staff meeting
  15. Game Night! 3/10/2017

    might as well call it game evening xD we decided 6pm because people might have to work tomorrow

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