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  1. Resignment

    Although my time as staff was short I feel I should resign. I feel I do not play on the server often anymore, and in the future I will have even less time. I hate forcing myself to play at times due to me not wanting to be inactive. I love playing on the server and being a part of the community, but don't feel I should have staff. I will continue to play on the server, but not as staff. I hope everyone understands.
  2. [CSGO TTT][MOD][Carson]

    -1 You're a great player, but I don't find you deal with other players in a mature level-headed manner. From what I witness you mic spam a lot at times and are quite loud at these times. I was also told you decided to take one of these rdm matters into your own hands and started revenge rdming the rdmers. You may have been a user, but I feel if you can't follow the rules when times get tough you should not be a part of the staff team. Now the situation mentioned happened about 2 or 3 weeks ago, but it was only an example of an instance I have heard of. I feel you should reevaluate how you interact with handling other players before you become a part of the staff team. Again great guy, but the maturity.
  3. Barricading Issues [CSGOTTT]

    I believe we should defiantly make a rule where you can barricade a doorway as long as there is another point of entrance. The fact there is no real use for props aside from breaking windows should make it clear that we need this rule added. +1 lets make this rule official.
  4. Head Admin #2


    This was a funny moment! 

  6. Share your Videos

    This was a pretty funny moment I would like to share with everyone else.
  7. Come and grab it

    I need me an ak.
  8. [CSGO TTT][MOD][OpRaHs-PuBeS <GroYoOwn> ]

    neutral - I have not really talked much to you and didn't really notice how you were with the regular users, but you seem like a great guy, and I haven't had to talk to you about breaking any rules. I believe you have played several times when I have been on but I really don't recall how you dealt with users and such. Anyway, I will leave my choice as neutral so the best of luck.
  9. Camping

    I just want to know now that red john mentions the hunger game rule. Do all the HG admins somehow count the seconds? I don't mean to sound rude, but the rule is no different than what red john mentioned, and from what he said it works great. Again we don't have to make a specific amount, and we could even say no camping for longer than 30seconds, or something like that because a lot of T's like to AWP in one spot, or as mentioned are backed into a corner and camp for a period of time.
  10. Camping

    I don't mean for people to count out the seconds. I am saying this more for people to have a general idea. Please don't hate. :( anyway I can completely understand why it sounds dumb, but a lot of T's will stay in one place for under a minute, and people will complain. I realize it is still pretty dumb, but I think we should add some rule where T's are allowed to camp for so long.
  11. Camping

    We all know detective and traitors are not allowed to camp, but when is staying in one spot considered camping? I think we should decide on a specific amount of time and then have it stated in the rules. For example, I think 45seconds should be the max amount of time detectives, and traitors can stay in one place. Reason being traitors are sometimes backed into a corner, and 45 seconds should be more than enough time for them to get out of that corner. Now one issue I thought of by making this time limit is T's being stupid and camping at last 45 seconds. Well, they are supposed to be actively pursuing so problem solved. I feel this time limit should be implemented so people have a good idea on how long camping is, just in case they get backed into a corner. I know it is a small problem if it even could be called a problem.
  12. KOS off of Sound

    why did I get a -1? :(
  13. [CSGO TTT][MOD][Cyn]

    +1 I have never personally had to deal with Cyn for rule breaking. he gets along with pretty much all players, and knows the rules. He is also very active considering he doesn't solely play TTT.
  14. KOS off of Sound

    Also to allow KOS off sound you would basically be allowing off location, and guns in a sense. You would need to hear what kind of gun, and hear the general location.
  15. KOS off of Sound

    If we allowed Kos off sound then we would have to have to have some rules to go with it. . . if you heard the person shoot, and they were a room over with a unided body then you should be able to kill that player, However that scenario is usually already kosable due to the unided body. If we allowed KOS off sound then there would be more RDM in my opinion. I have had players kill inos due to kos off sound (these were new players who didn't know the rules) anyway we shouldn't change the rule. Also, this would make it even more of a hassle, because anyone can say I heard him shoot. We can't really prove this unless we made it so you can only kill them if it was within 5 seconds of the initial kill. Again it would be pretty hard for anyone to determine whether someone actually died, or not if we are just going off the sound. These are some of the factors, because what if we thought the person killed someone when they were actually shot by a scout, and damaged and just happened to be walking by? Wouldn't off location have to be allowed for off sound to be allowed? Also now that we are on the topic with the sound I wanted to bring up a topic on location I feel if a player is directly behind someone and shoots them and that player turns around and shoots the one who shot him that should be allowed. I am only bringing this up because some people like to go behind people shoot them, and stay there and say that is off location. I feel these are more of a rule exploit more than anything and thought it could be discussed also because it is also off of sound in a sense. If I mentioned something more than once then my bad, but these are just my opinions, and if I could get some feedback on the last thing I mentioned.

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