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  1. ayyy thanks dude. yaa I forgot xD
  2. thanks! and no problem, was just joking xD
  3. In Game Name : dr1p Steam ID : STEAM_1:1:88365392 / [U:1:176730785] / https://steamcommunity.com/id/ismokealotofweed/ Hours In Server !!30 hours minimum requirement!! : 83.98 Total Amount Of Wins: 390 Recommendations By Moderators | Admins : (Can't remember any recommendations by anyone) Do You Know Basic Admin Commands For CSGO (sm_admin) : No, but I can learn it. Do You Have A Mic : Yes. Why Do You Think You Deserve Staff : I have been on HG for quite some time and am a regular active player on it and have seen it many times where there isn't a mod on when we need one in the server and that's where I can help with this and also be of a helpful services with anything else. What Rules Do You See Commonly Broken On Hunger Games : Racism, spamming chat/mic, cheaters, teaming during beacon, being disruptive, speaking other languages solely. Have You Previously Been Staff For This Server : No. Have You Previously Been Staff For Any Server : No. Any More Comments (A Lot Of Players Apply So Stand Out) : I've been waiting for the day this opened!!
  4. Applying for HG Mod!

    sheeitt rofl. My bad.
  5. Applying for HG Mod!

    Forum Username: biggucci Steam Account Link (For Contact Purposes): https://steamcommunity.com/id/ismokealotofweed/ Are you active on our TeamSpeak? (For Contact Purposes): No, I'm not currently active on it but I can be, How long have you been in the community?: I don't know exactly how long I've been here but I think around June and only joined the forums in January. If you wish, Name 5 people that would recommend you as Forum Moderator: miniTurboSlaab Do you have any prior knowledge of IPB? (Invision Power Board): No. Why do you want this position?: I think I could of help on the Hunger games server cause there's been a number of times where I have to message a mod to get on and mute/kick someone that's cheating, spamming mic etc. cause people will ask for a mod to mute or kick when there's none on. Also to be of a helpful service to others when I'm on the server. Why do you deserve this position?: I have been around long enough I think and know most of the active players/mods on the HG server to where I can help them on it with whatever needs being done. Do you understand that any abuse of this position may result in major consequences? Yes I am fully aware.
  6. Create DR (Deathrun)

    +rep I would also like another place to chill where I could go to when HG/TTT is empty or mm is getting boring, the surfing/bhop would be fun on DR!
  7. donation

    I have them now, thaaannks
  8. donation

    Still haven't received them yet :p
  9. donation

    how long does it usually take for the points to be delivered?
  10. donation

    In-Game Name: dr1p Steam ID : STEAM_1:1:88365392 Perks Requested: 12000 hunger points Amount Donated: $5.00 Comments: ripe

    :D ty

    In-Game Name: dr1p Steam ID : STEAM_1:1:88365392 Perks Requested: Batman player model Amount Donated: $5.00 Comments: I hope i did this right lul

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