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  1. [GMOD][TTT][Moderator][Mark Jefferson/Edgar]

    +1 Put this spray that couldn't stop looking at But actually is a nice guy and knows the rules by the look of it and we need more people like him that are laid back and chill
  2. Foxtrot's Staff app

    tbh honest I agree with what esbelto says but he's new and he is very active and the 48 hour doesn't really apply seeing as the sever is coming back from the dead right now, Neutral
  3. Bring the Server Back From the Dead! Gmod TTT

    Yeah sure I'll hop on, I'll bring some friends, just remind me, might forget lol
  4. Forum Moderator [Rin]

    was gonna +1 and say give him a chance but he said "new guy gets sm and i cant even get forum mod lol" it just goes for show how power hungry he is >tries to play it off with a "lol"
  5. Bring the Server Back From the Dead! Gmod TTT

    @Apollo @Rin he's been here a long time playing the sever and was good staff, it's just he never really was active on forums but that will probably change seeing as he his sm now
  6. Bring the Server Back From the Dead! Gmod TTT

    Glad to have someone as passionate as you to be the new sm
  7. Let's Rebuild CG, Together

    zombies easter eggs? Me and payne and philip tried doing that lol
  8. Donated for the First time!

    Good guy Jim, bringing back gmod cg ttt
  9. CG Body Count

  10. have you ever heard of this game??

    basically the new and improved version of altas gaming and isn't a person called motown also apart of making the game? Oh it's fucking called Identity

    finally said something I can agree with
  12. ~The GMOD Purge~

    We don't have to back being completey M9K, remember that time when we were still a M9K and vips also had tfa weapons? That's where we should back. Not a whole sever based on TFA that's literally overloading the sever. One time I was joining the sever and it legit took one hour, worst part to is I used to load in with at least 3 minutes.
  13. ~The GMOD Purge~

    Get hannah to restore the sever it was the way before and make it a M9K sever again Follow those steps and you'll get a happy sever that's revived
  14. Something UBER Fun♥

    I'll have you know I'm no fucking babon and it's not like every time I'm solo I go to either school or military base
  15. Things that need to be said.

    After talking to you, I'm cool with you and shit like this won't get you down, just don't let it happen again. Oh yeah btw really good you posted in your status update

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