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  1. ~GMOD TTT Pointshop Redux~

    Esbelto is gay, pass it on.
  2. Title: [GMOD][TTT][Rank][Name]

    Hey kid, go graduate middle school first and come back then maybe we'll take this seriously. Cy@
  3. [GMOD] [TTT] [Admin] [Harmonic7]

    dedicated nerd who looks like he fits the job, also if he got rec'd by sneaky he must be on alot since she doesnt ever come on so that's a +1 from me kiddo..
  4. Title: [GMOD][TTT][MOD][2theMAX]

    ripperino my friend, -1
  5. GMOD[TTT][MOD][Microsoft Excel]

    Annoying and edgy, looks power hungry to me.
  6. MrAdventureFilms Ban Appeal

    I remember you, i killed you by accident a long ass time ago and you got fucking triggered and you and i kept having problems. so im gonna go ahead and say -1 because you really are a piece of shit who has tantrums over small things, not to mention your voice is so fucking annoying on mic
  7. [GMOD][TTT][Unban][Robin The Tactician]

    Well the issue is that Belto is gone t'il the 30th and Sneaky is usually busy with college, but we'll have to see if @A Sneaky Blueberry can see who banned you to resolve this. +1 on the unban and i also remember you on the server and you were a cool guy, plus idk why but i feel like i banned you and i feel guilty but there was a chance you were banned before i was even staff so we'll see...
  8. [GMOD][TTT][Unban][Juni]

    +1 Free my screaming nigga Juni
  9. server broke mabe

    Please tell me this guy is joking, if not then this is seriously depressing...
  10. Weeb's Resignation

    In honor of weeb Peace nigga, i'll miss your ass rdming me all the time >:P
  11. mattybfapps ban appeal

    If you could see, i was speaking to that smartass The Roman Army
  12. thumbnail_Snapchat-8351389_LI.jpg

    You could fill in for Jason Momoa as Aquaman with that beard
  13. mattybfapps ban appeal

    wtf are you saying?? go back to preschool...
  14. [TTT][Ban Request][Inverht]

    What is this? he says vlone then a guy "magically" appears on the forums called vlone saying "free my nigga inverht", hmmmmmmmm.
  15. [TTT][Ban Request][Inverht]

    I'm not banned? i resigned from staff fucktard now stop making your ban req worse.

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