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  1. Panda's Resignation

    I love Panda.
  2. Oh hi there

    Hey friend.
  3. Congrats to Angie on 100 reps. :)

  4. Mememachine.

    can I get a hell yea for TheBladez190
  5. Am leaving.

    Just because of this guy, I'm coming back.
  6. Am leaving.

    This goes out to the ones I've actually talked to a bit but most of you dont know me. Just letting you guys know that I don't want to be around anymore. @The Gayfish You better add me back bud I swear to god
  7. TEXT ME

    630-899-9227 Come harass me
  8. So...I'm back, hi

    Welcome back friend :)
  9. crangrape is pretty good you should try it

  10. Can't even type on my own profile

    this is truly a feelsbad help?
  11. My life has no chill

    I do not think I can help you with your situations but I do hope that whatever happens it will work out in the end. Good luck!
  12. Official CG Team?

    is it me
  13. Shoutbox Rep?

  14. We Are a Family Community


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