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  1. We're Back! Winter Raffle!

    OH DAMN, My super intelligent plan to donate 5$ in the last possible moment and take a prise failed... Have to come with something smarter then that..
  2. Forum Moderator [Rin]

    I mean u seem like an ok guy, but there is too much drama around u, so i dont know what u r expecting here. And i remember u telling me several months ago, that u r working on getting a forum staff, so it seems like everything u were trying to do (giveaways, etc) is just to get a staff position. Its called power hungry, my dude. Its a -1 from, sry. (not that anyone cares about my opinion xD)
  3. CG Body Count

  4. HAPPY ♥H A L L O W E E N♥

    Not doing anything, what is halloween??
  5. Crunchyroll Passes

    Lol, i thought its ESEA codes.... im dumb
  6. Lenoty's Resignation

  7. Battle of the Communities IV

    So guys, when we gonna practice? Who is our captain, who is our coach? Who is on the team? Whats gonna happen to us? Guys? GUUUYSSS??
  8. Battle of the Communities IV

    Sign me up as an awper please!
  9. let me talk in the shoutbox

    funniest part for me xD
  10. resigning and hiatus

    Oh come on dude.... Dont do this to me again (3rd time)........aw I think I ll have to you go.. Bye dude! Live your life! And pls dont tell anyone where I am living my life xD
  11. How to lose a friend (Thank you @Flipped)

    Lol what, i wrote "He is not actually a noob"... i defended you...
  12. When having @Flipp3d in your friend list is enough to lose a friend xD He removed me and blocked me LOL
  13. Back To school giveaway

    Yes, please. Thank you for doing another giveaway! I will not enter on this one, cause its not gonna be fair. So good luck and don't forget to say thank you to this rich mf xD (its a joke)
  14. Steam Gift card giveaway!

    I ve done 2 giveaway in this community, to do something good for everyone. You know how you feel, when people start writing you that you rigged your giveaway, just cause they lost? Do you think that the one who is giving giveaway care who he will give his items to?
  15. Steam Gift card giveaway!

    Every time same story... Dont you think people dont want to do giveaway cause of it? 1 happy guy, 10 mad guys who are yelling Rigged Rigged. Just not worth it.

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