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  1. CS:GO Jailbreak is Back in Business

    Well I'll check it out. Maybe I'll have to come back.... :)
  2. CS:GO Jailbreak is Back in Business

    Can I get my admin back when I join?
  3. CS:GO Jailbreak is Back in Business

    yo this shit fr?
  4. [Retakes] [Staff Application] [ThePlayerElite]

    +1 Well for starters, this application is done so well... but I think I've seen you on a few times for the rare occasions I am there... But you also seem to know what your doing and I see potential + ability to benefit the server.
  5. Am leaving.

  6. WS would be awesome on this server but it seems awesome already I'll be sure to check it out later today!
  7. Recent Inactivity

    I want to +rep but your at 69 D:
  8. Recent Inactivity

  9. Updates / Fixes

    Armor sometimes doesn't show up sometimes when you spawn. Fixed - Headline
  10. Davegdragon01's resignation

    See ya, I'll miss you bullying me... :(
  11. [Dyrus][Forum Operator]

    But in all seriousness Dyrus fucks around a lot but I think he can be serious if something serious is brought upon him, basically he could step up his game if asked to. Dyrus is great help on JB even if that is a completely different topic. But I think he'd make a great Forum Op or Forum Helper person. +1
  12. [Bunny Hop][Staff Application][ツSkeletonツ]

    Like I said I do not come on bhop that often I was pretty much just saying 35 hours isn't that much
  13. $20 Steam Code Giveaway


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