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  1. Something UBER Fun♥

    I dont squad with babons
  2. Something UBER Fun♥

    Ill host the next Juan
  3. Something UBER Fun♥

  4. Things that need to be said.

    Have i missed something ?????????
  5. Philip's Bye Bye

    get on my level bishes
  6. Philip's Bye Bye

    Bitches on discord Me: didnt u join cos u wanted to ? Philip : yea Me : why u bitching then
  7. TS staff is small brain

    Its says Cryo Can you not read ?
  8. Lenoty's Resignation

    Adios mai dewd
  9. PUBG Thread!

    I mostly do duos, but i perfer solo Since i dont have to worry about teamates. Highest kills 13 3p 11 fp The day i bought the game M416 / scar / mini uzi s Mini 14 / m249 / awm Glock with suppressor reddot
  10. Headline's Resignation

    Adios mai dewd Have a good one.
  11. Next TTT Staff Meeting.

    Ima be there for the first hour and you know it
  12. Battle of the Communities IV

    Fek 8pm - 3am @Mortal Maybe attend to dis 1
  13. Battle of the Communities IV

    Finally a reason to get back on cs
  14. PUBG Custom Game Poll

    Tweet them they respond faster
  15. We need more games.

    Pish thats izi

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