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  1. CG ESEA Open Season 26

    Ty for the help @Tizona ill look into your suggestion :)
  2. CG ESEA Open Season 26

    Dont think so its just that I have comcast internet :(
  3. CG ESEA Open Season 26

    Im definitely interested but only problem is my internet is not very good. I dont wanna risk getting ESEA subscription/joining team unless i know my internet connection will be stable and not randomly spiking in the middle of a game. I will try to figure out a solution to my internet problem.Put me on the list as a MAYBE. (NA) (Rank=LE)
  4. CS:GO Extravagnza

    Good luck to whoever represents CG in the tournament !!!
  5. Resignment

    Take care and cant wait for you to return to staff the servers
  6. [CSGO TTT][MOD][Punky]

    +1 Very active
  7. TxP Introduction

    Welcome and i hope you reach your goal :P
  8. Good additions loving the more detailed version of this classic ttt map
  9. [CSGO TTT][Demote Request][Mortal]

    I dont remember what happened and i guess i did not ask the person killed if he should be punished but after i slay someone i always tell them the reason for the slays.
  10. [CSGO TTT][Demote Request][Mortal]

    I always wait for end of round and then add slays so i can see both sides of the story and check logs
  11. [CSGO TTT][Demote Request][Mortal]

    So your basically trying to say that if you rdm and other person says nothing its all good?
  12. [CSGO TTT][Demote Request][Mortal]

    I never muted you @Sidartha did but for good reason you mic spammed and i warned you multiple times to stop or mute.Before leaving i told him that you have mic spammed and if you did again just mute.
  13. [CSGO TTT][Demote Request][Mortal]

    I had to go somewhere so i just told @Sidartha to just mute you if you mic spam again. Again this was a long time ago and if i remember correctly you rdm or mic spam before that and then you asked this question 6 times so i just came to the conclusion you were a troll.
  14. [CSGO TTT][Demote Request][Mortal]

    Any one who plays the server can vouch for me and say i dont care how anyone sounds or how old they are I treat everyone the same.
  15. [CSGO TTT][Demote Request][Mortal]

    1)I dont remember why i kept kicking you(spam,rdm,disrespect,etc) since this was a long time ago. 2)There was about 2-4 people talking loudly in warmup and with 20 people being on the server and me being only mod on it was very confusing to keep everyone in check especially with my mic not working at the time.Also i gave you 3+ warnings for mic spam. 3) Every other staff ignored you when u asked the question at first but i said "We dont have to tell you".The day the karma system was changed you were asking the question and like @Red John said i did not know the answer to the question.(Sorry i did not just say i did not know the answer)If im not mistaken you were muted so you kept asking in chat so i did not want to answer thinking you were basically trolling at that point too. @Flipp3d

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