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  1. ~The GMOD Purge~

    Don't know what needs to be removed but damn this load time is crazy lol
  2. [GMOD][TTT][Mod Application][B9steven (OPM)]

    Plus one all around friendly guy, follows rules and for the most part gets along with everyone...good luck homie
  3. [TTT][Admin][Matt]

    Although Matt can seem like a bit of a hard ass now and again, he does handle himself very well when it comes to dealing with reports, mic spam, trolls and other rule breakers. As someone who's around him a lot I can personally say that this guy loves this server and only wants to help it grow and help its players have fun in a friendly server. Also Matt does not tolerate people disrespecting staff or anyone on the server. +1 all the way best of luck to you homie
  4. Well I guess since this is still open I'll put my view out there...logs show no abuse of said event and in my opinion dank does a fine job of mod so -1 demote request
  5. map suggestions

    +1 to all ^ +2 to trappycottage that map sounds dope
  6. [GMOD][TTT][Moderator][curlz4444]

    You would know....and btw +1 respectful player, good relations, understands rules, and is on at strange hours when no other staff is on due to sleep or work or school
  7. [TTT][Unban][Pandy]

    Oh and I should clarify that the plus one would be for a ban length reduction not necessarily a immediate unban seeing as many staff have already made a good point against her.
  8. [TTT][Unban][Pandy]

    I'll +1 this only because every time I've been on with pandy I've never really had any issues with her and she seemed to get along with everyone pretty well but that's only my experience with her and I don't believe I was on for her ban so I can't speak for everyone else in the situation
  9. [GMOD][TTT][Modertator][B9steven (OPM)] 

    Oh Steven...what to say about this guy...well let's start with he's generally a blast to have around, he keeps the atmosphere pretty chill and fun with a bit of humor. He is a very recognizable person on the server seeing as most players greet him by name as soon as he shows up, knows the rules pretty well and as long as he stays consistent with his hours and keeps being a friendly dude I say +1 should be a good staff addition in my opinion...also would like to state I personally have seen him lay down the rules on people for being disrespectful towards other players on a few occasions, that in itself shows me he cares about the players he is with and wants everyone to have a good time. Best of luck to you bud ✌🏻️
  10. [GMOD][TTT][Staff Application][Sir. Doge]

    Good player and for the most part fun to be around, but can get a bit tempermental and can get a lil too serious sometimes, I'll stay neutral on this because I do feel later down the road you could become more recognizable and a good staff member if you just throttle back a touch. So I say just give it some time homie and remember everyone is here to have fun which for some players is more about the social side of it then the actually gameplay
  11. [GMOD][Moderator][Brendans1818]

    orca approves this message +1, known him a long time, likes to mess around a bit but who doesnt, was great staff with me back when we were staff on ag, knows rules well and as staff i feel did a great job
  12. Esbelto's Second and Extra Letter

    Glad to hear he's doing good 😋
  13. GMOD TTT General Suggestions

    Lol my bad I fixed it, was supposed to be the flash and yes why yes I am 😏😉
  14. [Dyrus][Forum Operator]

    I'm gunna go +1 on this due to the extreme activity on the forums and the chill vibe you give off and the excellent community rep...best of luck to you 👍🏻✌🏻️
  15. So...I'm back, hi

    Welcome back 😋

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