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  1. Asphyxiates 2nd Hunger Games Staff App

    God damnit happy it wasnt in green, you didnt cap the A. and no one locked the post
  2. Asphyxiates 2nd Hunger Games Staff App

    A +1 from me of course.
  3. #BringBackJB Questions

    3. Definitely, I wasn't here for when it was out the first time around and I'd like to help 4. clouds_beta02
  4. [CSGO] [hg] [Mod application]

  5. RIP HG

    I admit the hg server isnt in the best state right now but as a moderator for the server I expect you to work on changing that or at least not being a negative person about it. I'm trying to teach myself Sourcepawn and come up with suggestions for the server to improve but because of my lack of knowing anything about plugins and sourcemod as a whole I make stupid suggestions and me 'helping' is just me trying to help, I apologize for not being as active of a server player as I used to be. The reason why any of the moderators who may be inactive haven't been demoted is because they have their own lives too and stuff comes up that they can't control. They still attend staff meetings and if they haven't they get updates about what's going on. It's not like Happy is stupid and doesn't know what he's doing or doesn't care about the server. Oprah, John, and Flipp3d are all staff on two servers, John is working on learning sourcepawn and keeping up with college. Fuchs has college too so he can't spend every moment of every day working on the server but you can't blame him for that. You're one of the more active staff so it'd be great if you just keep helping, not just giving up. I'm sorry that you didn't get promoted either but this behavior doesn't show that you deserve a promotion.
  6. @B.mo You're definetly an active player, and I've never had to deal with any issues concerning you. Thanks for enforcing the rules when staff aren't on, you do a nice job at sending me messages if people are breaking the rules so I get my lazy self on and deal with them. I think you'd make a pretty good addition to the staff team (why I recommended you of course). The incident regarding your TTT ban (the reaction to getting banned not the ban itself) is something I've seen and looked over because I mean its TTT, not here, even though lack of maturity isn't excusable because it wasn't directly on this server, BUT everyone gets pissed off and has bad days, I mean I've been pissed at my boy Flipp3d for absolutely no reason just because I had a bad day, it's human, I can't blame you for things like that. That is also the only time I've ever seen something not positive come out of you and you apologizing later on for it makes me happy because it shows you can apologize, and even if you didn't want to you still did to keep out of drama (which shows maturity in my eyes). You've earned my +1, gl with your application. If you do get accepted I'll help you out with commands so you don't goof up like I have and I'd get you set up with some kind of recording software so you don't have to deal with false demote requests. Now @fuchs come one-up me with your genius level posts on his app I'm waitin.
  7. 5$ donation from mathew mcconahey

    Thanks for donating to CG!
  8. CG MERCH!!!!

    Do I get that charging cord with it or does it plug in and light up?
  9. Title - [TS3][Moderator][THEGAYFISH]

    You asked me if I recommended you and I just replied thinking it was a meme, my "recommendation" doesn't mean much because I barely touch teamspeak but as far as your behavior goes on all the occasions I've seen you around CG I don't take my rec back or anything, you've shown that you can be mature and you've respected the rules on the hg server and others servers when I've seen you on them, you're a pretty long term member and you're way more active then me on the forums. just writing this so people don't go "Jake? Who? Like the kid from hunger games? When has he ever touched the teamspeak?" (just trying to avoid da hate, I have no forums reps so I could easily go into the no no -rep and I'm not too well known)
  10. Come and grab it

    I'm poor
  11. Adios Apple

    I rightfully don't deserve any sort of apology from you and I know thoroughly why you were upset with me despite me acting like a child and not knowing. I wish the best for you because of your dedication to the community and the smile you brought on my friend's faces and mine.
  12. Brightness problem

    Yeah on a serious note, if there's a map that needs a brightness complaint it should be that enormous, unavoidable, blinding sun on Mesa
  13. Brightness problem

    Are you sure you aren't just stoned?

    Yeah once the rules are set in stone it'll be a lot easier to follow them but I'll help with keeping you informed as much as possible with the basic concepts for TTT servers and basic rules for them @Red John. I also understand you guys aren't very familiar with John, he's a great guy once you get to know him and you'll realize that he completely lacks hate for everything, he has his misunderstandings but he picks up things pretty fast and I don't think he'd mess up as staff for the server. I feel no hesitation or regret when writing he's all around a good guy. He'd definitely help new players out once he's got the rules memorized and he'd definetly put time into helping the server grow. Good luck my friend.
  15. Meeting

    Friday's work well for me as long as I know ahead of time

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