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  1. Staff Changes to Hunger Games

    Thank you for reconsidered me and setting my rank to admin, I promise to do the best of my ability.
  2. Staff Changes to Hunger Games

    I would also like to contest my position as a staff member even though I don't have the best recent activity, The server was at a all time low and no updates that were coming to keep the server fresh due to the lack of not only the SM but the entire staff team which I also agree this big change needed to happen and is for the best, if the new SM or anyone apart of the upper HG staff team is willing to keep me as a staff member I would be more than welcome to start playing on the server on a daily basis, Hope everything goes well with HG and if I am to not be accepted as a staff member again I will still be a active member/player of the HG server :)
  3. Asphyxiates 2nd Hunger Games Staff App

    Haha, thanks baby.
  4. Hydra 2 ez 4 me

    Would it make me a douche for saying I finished them the first day xd I stayed up all night did it in t he first 16 hours, here is a screenshot. The 5 Molotov kills one was a pain. https://gyazo.com/7f1f91abdeed154371ba7ff0ed4aefd1
  5. In Game Name : ✪ Asphyxiate Steam ID : STEAM_0:0:24312887 Hours In Server : Around 144.15+ Total Amount Of Wins (Must Have 10 Prior To Applying) : 199 Wins Currently. Recommendations By Moderators | Admins : @Apollo@anthrax@B.mo@Jake Do You Know Basic Admin Commands For CSGO (sm_admin) : I know mostly all of the sm_admin commands just am gonna have to set up binds and get used to it all again. Do You Have A Mic : Yes I have a clear crisp microphone. Why Do You Think You Deserve Staff : I think I should be a Moderator for Colosseum-Gamings Hunger Games server because I have been apart of this community for roughly almost 2 years now and have spent a bit of time on mainly the HG server I believe so and would like to try and help make this awesome community even better, I try already just as a player. :^) What Rules Do You See Commonly Broken On Hunger Games : Mostly Voice & Text Chat spamming, Teaming on beacons, Racism, & Harassment towards other players. Have You Previously Been Staff For This Server : Yes I was a Moderator roughly a year ago for the Hunger Games CS:GO server, I sadly retired because I felt I wasn't making a difference in the community, mainly with my activity, I do believe I can now come back and make a difference by enforcing the rules in the server. Have You Previously Been Staff For Any Server : Two servers, CS:GO Hunger Games/ Lunar 10v10 Bhop Competitive server. Any More Comments : Lets get to work :)
  6. Goodbye Everyone!

    Sorry i guessed i just saved the best for last <3 @Apollo Thanks for being an amazing girlfriend huehuehue and giving me the chance to be apart of the staff team!
  7. Goodbye Everyone!

    As some of you may know i have been very inactive on the server this is my final and most likely last message you will ever see from me. I would like to thank all the people that i meet in hunger games. @Jake Thanks for being a nice and funny friend. @fuchs Thanks for helping when i needed it. @kochi Thanks for being a great mom. ^-^ @Dark Athena Thanks for helping me become a better staff member. @HappyYiffer Thanks for always buying awps each round and killing me first. :) @Orihs ナイ Thanks for giving me a chance at staff. :) @Antman218 Thanks for being a good friend. @codyO Thanks for telling amazing stories. @KennyZ Thanks for being a funny friend. @Spades Thanks for being an amazing owner. And everyone else that i forgot to mention Thanks You! Was a fun time playing on HG, hopefully i decide to come back or talk to you guys. <3
  8. AWP | Celestial (re-made)

    Thats Awesome!
  9. The Official President of CG Event Page

    @PsychoBitch sorry I am on my phone and didn't realize the date it was posted
  10. The Official President of CG Event Page

    Good Luck Stolas and Datura I voted 4u
  11. Share your dream

    Whos Jill sorry if this is a dumb question I honestly don't know
  12. Trap Crates?

    Seems like a great idea for cg hunger games +1
  13. HG Suggestions

    The CG Hunger Games Shop is lacking on items imo. I think we should add more name tags, maybe colorful beacons that cost credits, Bounties for prizes, More credits if you win a round, Maybe even make the crates drop non casual guns such as cz75-auto, and r8 revolver, another thing that is in most servers colorful gun sprays. This is what I think should be added. Thanks if you read this post.
  14. vacation

    I will be gone from June 13-June 16 going on a vacation with my family, if you're wondering how I posted on the 14th is because I used my phone please don't demote me.
  15. Hunger Games Staff Application FownetInHD 

    NEUTRAL not very active on server

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