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  1. The_Red_Jinx's Resignation from Admin

    MOM, NO Please, I need you to give me hugs all the time, and if you aren't on the server as much, how am I supposed to get hugs :'(
  2. Low Activity

    Hey, so I'm not leaving the server. This week I won't have much time to get on as I have band camp every day from 4-9, and I had to finish school this mon-wed. I will also be gone from the 19th until the 27th for vacation, so don't miss me much please :P <3
  3. Resigning & Leaving

    @xKaliber, I never talked to you too much, but you were always a great addition to the server when you got on. I had a lot of fun when you joined, and I'll never forget it. Good luck with all that you do, and I hope you come back or at least visit every once in a while. <3 <3
  4. Shenanigans

    what is this movie, i need to see it
  5. The New Me

    Thank you guys. I know this may seem like a post to get some sympathy, but it's not. I really don't feel like having the same thing happen as what happened on [AG]. @Spades I'm sorry for assuming that you hate me. I already know that I'm annoying, and I now know that you're one who doesn't appreciate that. As for the creepy stuff, I'm sorry, but you can ask anyone else on the server, that's the type of person I am. @Kawaii Satan I realize you have gone through change, I saw it on the server, and I remember way back when we played on the same server, although you still use the c4 a lot. XD. @Nitro @PsychoBitch @The_Red_Jinx thank you for that. I realize I need to change more of myself and I need to realize that not everybody ever will adore me. I'm glad I have those who do care for me. Thank you. Please have this thread locked Spades.
  6. The New Me

    Okay, this is starting to sort of hurt me. When I came onto this server, I was hoping I could start off new and fresh, and leave everything that happened on [AG] behind. There was a reason I stopped playing GMOD altogether. With this in mind, I've been trying to take things lightly, but there are just too many people from the old server that it doesn't feel like I can be a new me. It just doesn't feel right, I don't like it when people hate me. I'm usually always in a good mood, and most of you know that. But... I want to know if you guys care enough about me that I should stay and play on the server. I really love being with some of the old players, but part of this just seems like too much for me to handle. Whatever you guys say, I love all of you <3
  7. [GMOD][TTT][Moderator][RavenPotato5]

    @Strekki I will admit I am raging, but not on your opinion, on the fact that you never took the time to hear me out, even after you said you didn't care And why was I horrible staff? I don't remember anyone but you having a problem with me
  8. [GMOD][TTT][Moderator][RavenPotato5]

    @StrekkiOkay, I'm tired of this bullshit. I've been trying to talk to you for a while, and you never listen. I never filrted with anyone on the server. If it seemed like it, I'm sorry, because that's probably just my personality. Just because you hate me and you think I'm a piece of shit because you never believed anything I said and because you think I was flirting, doesn't mean you need to be a two sided bitch and take it out on me by giving me a -1. I remember talking to you a while ago, and it was about how you thought I was flirting. As soon as I said sorry, you said you didn't care, you said it was fine. I thought we were still friends and I hate when I get mad like this, because I'm generally not a mad person. Please just let all this go, I don't want you holding a grudge over something I didn't even do.
  9. In Game Name : RavenPotato5 (also under the name RavenPotato5 | CSGORage.com) Steam ID : STEAM_0:1:8735405 Hours In Server (gametracker) : 47.5 (and counting) Recommendations By Moderators | Admins : @Nitro somebody else maybe, idk Do You Know Basic Admin Commands for GMOD (ulx) : Yeah, I know a pretty good amount, and if there is anything new to me, i can go on !menu Do You Have A Mic : Yes Why Do You Think You Deserve Staff : I hate people who break rules, and even though I might rdm occasionally, I punish myself, especially if there's no staff on. Also, even though I haven't been on for a while, there are multiple times where staff was needed but none was on. Also, now that I've found where everyone has gone, I'm going to be extremely active, especially because it's summer. The only negative thing i have to say is that when school starts again, I will most likely need to resign, or I will just not have as much time to play. What Rules Do You See Commonly Broken on TTT : RDM (including revenge), mic spam, probably others i can't think of Have You Previously Been Staff For This Server : No Have You Previously Been Staff For Any Server : Yes, admin on [AG], but that was cancer so I don't know if it counts XD Any More Comments : LEL, I love everyone on this server, and you better let me see that booty if i ask. One warning I will give you, is I have 2 vacations this year. One from June 19th to June 27th, and one from July 9th (i believe) to July 17th.
  10. [GMOD] [TTT] [Mod app] Joeman9833

    +1 Great guy, known him for a while. Rarely breaks the rules, and is very active on the server
  11. Kawaii Day!

    +1 I definitely agree. I'm practicing my high pitched "yes, daddy" voices as we speak
  12. Hitler Day

    Hey, so we should have a day on the server where we all wear the hitler costume and nothing else, since that costume is free. Please, i know it's stupid, but I've always wanted it. Or maybe a gamemode where we're all hitler.
  13. So happy, OMG. Got section leader for my band for my senior year next year!!! :D

    1. The_Red_Jinx


      Congratulations! You make your mother proud!

  14. [TTT][Staff-application][JoeMaMa]

    Neutral You have a lot of time on the server, and I see you on a lot, but you've been on twice before this week streak you're on. Be more consistent as you play on the server. Will change to +1 if you suck my DONG jk would obviously never help someone out for a good dick suck
  15. [TTT][Staff-application][JordanGrossmannX{CG}]

    +1 on the server a lot, especially when there is no staff on. can really help take down complaints

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