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  1. Hi, I am making this post to let you all know that I am resigning from my position as admin on the TTT server. I will not go into detail on why I am resigning but just know I am not leaving CG or TTT forever. I plan to continue playing TTT just not to the degree that a staff member should in order to remain active. I would like to thank everyone that helped me become an admin and help show me the ropes, I love you all. If any of you need me (I don't know why anyone would but still) I will pop in occasionally and you can feel free to message me here or on steam. I wish our family the best! <3
  2. Donation for VIP TTT

    Shhh I didn't have anything to do with this XD
  3. Donation for VIP TTT

    I can confirm this. Good job!
  4. Okie! Thanks I appreciate it!
  5. Oh no! I hope you feel better soon!! I would love to see you there but if it's hard, please foucus on healing! I don't want my grandson hurting!
  6. Hi! I'm Matt.

    I'm glad you introduced yourself! We have an awesome guy here CG! This man sends me batman quotes XD
  7. TTT Round End Song Request

    Hi! I was wondering if we could make a suggestions topic for some new end of round music? I have had many players ask if it was possible to request songs to add some diversity (specifically @Wages-Of-War). Is this possible? Even I would like to see this happen, it would be a cool way for players to interact with the server and kinda personalize it to fit the family that is the TTT server. I think a CSGO server has something like this so why not TTT? Thank you for your time!

    I added you both! Mine is madsnsuch I just found this thread, I know I'm late XD
  9. Introduction

    Hai and welcome! Please stop by TTT some time, its a lot of fun!
  10. Donation on TTT

    Thank you very much for donating! Someone should be on sooner than later to give you your perks :D
  11. RWBY

    Bumble bee for life
  12. Donation by orca

    Thank you for donating!

    Thank you for donating!
  14. doantions

    Thank you for donating!
  15. Jonathan0000 Donation

    Thank you for donating!

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