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  1. Aww he'll no did you just call me a peasant? -.-
  2. [GMOD][TTT][Operator][Crazyaxeman12345]

    Sorry I meant to post on this sooner but just got to my computer. +1 Active, friendly, knows the rules (totally didn't just copy nitro)
  3. [GMOD][TTT][Mod][NuclearRisk]

    You have a huge amount of time on the server for only having played for 2 days but I feel like you should at least be in the community for a bit longer before applying (try a week?) -1 from me.
  4. [GMOD TTT] [Admin] [Nitro]

    My one argument was going to be your activity but you've really improved on that in the last week. As such +1 you're a great staff member on top of things and generally great to be around.
  5. -1 due to your past actions/reputation and general trustworthiness
  6. GMOD TTT Staff Inactivity Thread

    Most people already know this but I won't be on next weekend as I'm going to Chicago
  7. GMOD TTT Bug Thread

    Can't interact with explosive barrels on bowling, they're there but you can walk straight through them and can't shoot them or pick them up or anything. Also that harpoon thing if it hasn't been taken care of :P Edit: doors don't exist either apparently, they can be closed but walked straight through....http://imgur.com/G7SfWyA Edit: just going to add that it's on all maps.
  8. Tetris Movie?

    So apparently they're making a tetris movie....on top of that it's "too big to fit into a single movie" so they're making it a trilogy....any ideas on what it'll be about? https://www.theguardian.com/film/2016/jun/28/tetris-films-trilogy?CMP=fb_gu
  9. TTT Staff Meeting

    I'm going to be gone that entire weekend as I'm going to Chicago, sorry. Oh just read the bit that said just message you if I can't make it....
  10. The_Red_Jinx's Resignation from Admin

    NO! You're not aloud to :( Think about what this is going to do to ME Jinx, I'm actually going to have to play again so we have an admin.
  11. It was a couple of staff and I'm not going to call anyone out as it's not a very big deal. Mostly just wanted something I could point to in the rules if something comes up again.
  12. So I just wanted a real quick clarification on whether you're allowed to kill on suspicion or not. As I understood it you are not able to kill on suspicion at any point but a couple other staff thought that you were able to so I'd appreciate if someone could clarify it for us real quick. @Han'na-Hiru@Generalsam And whatever the outcome I'd appreciate if you could add it into the rules as it is a rule that is different on many servers and cause for a lot of rdm.
  13. Golden AK47 Nerf Request

    Meant .1 my bad. Edit: fuck
  14. Golden AK47 Nerf Request

    I'd say either increase the delay to 1.0 or reduce the damage to 18-20.

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