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  1. CG Body Count

    B(itchass).mo reporting for duty
  2. Crunchyroll Passes

    weebs. weebs everywhere
  3. CSGO TTT Is Back (soon)

    oh shit boiiiiiiiiiii sounds litty titty :) looking forward to some more bullshittery with some dumb cunts like the good ol days
  4. Next TTT Staff Meeting.

    Gotcha, hopefully the meeting goes well and i'll hit up some people to fill me in
  5. Next TTT Staff Meeting.

    I had already said I would most likely not be attending due to my sisters birthday so I don't see how its that big of a deal.
  6. Next TTT Staff Meeting.

    oh yeah and Saturday is homecoming is Saturday so I 100% will not be there
  7. Next TTT Staff Meeting.

    30th is my sisters birthday so I might be out to dinner but if not I will surely attend :)
  8. Daily Blog 4

    In my opinion as long as no animals are being harmed in the process, then it is a completely ethical and rational decision to do testing on animals to ensure the safety of the human race. :)
  9. [TTT][Unmute request][Moon]

    -1 for the third time. and also for the third time Apollo did not warn you in chat he VERBALLY told you to stop mic spamming and you kept spamming so idk why you're cryin bud. on another note if you hear a staff member use racial slurs report it immediately because this is the first time I've ever heard you say anything about staff using that language and it seems kind of odd that it just so happens to be the same time that you are defending yourself for being muted. :)
  10. Unmute request | Moon | TTT

    -1 you didn't get automuted an admin muted you are ya dumb? and you had warnings and kept mic spamming so I don't know why you're complaining?
  11. Rant- "You're a pussy xd"

    @Dryden I have medication too don't worry, we're all human :) http://imgur.com/gallery/8Fydk
  12. Rant- "You're a pussy xd"

    I agree with @Mitch on this one, the forums is not the place to go with this discussion.
  13. Shit fps on the server

    I started noticing it yesterday and i thought it was just my comp being slow or something but it continued happening today and i asked other people and they said they had the same issues. thanks for looking into it :)
  14. Yo for some reason a lot of players including myself have been experiencing really bad fps and frame stutters when on the server even though our clients say we are getting normal fps I have no idea what is causing this or even if it's an issue that can be resolved server-side but I was just looking for some insight into the issue. thanks :)
  15. A suggestion

    Good idea apooplo

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