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  1. We're Back! Winter Raffle!

    give·a·way noun: 1. a thing that is given free, especially for promotional purposes. More like a raffle
  2. Let's Count to 20!

  3. Let's Count to 20!

    You cuck 1

    Chill out with those caps dawg
  5. Let's Count to 20!

    4 thx bb any time
  6. Let's Count to 20!

    2 I wanna die
  7. Let's Count to 20!

    4 we got dis ez
  8. Let's Rebuild CG, Together

    League is hard to build a community from but i think tourneys are a good idea if you can get a decent following
  9. Let's Rebuild CG, Together

    Math equation is a little off, it's not 20,000 new people every day that's the average player base it would be 20,000 x 30 / 30 =20,000 if you want to find the average
  10. Let's Rebuild CG, Together

    20,000 is still far below 300,000 so I doubt it has any more light for custom servers than cs:go does.
  11. Let's Rebuild CG, Together

    Last 30 days the average is 721 players, I definitely wouldn't call it an active game by any means. http://steamcharts.com/app/216150 . Especially compared to a game such as cs:go where there are 330,000 average players in the last 30 days. http://steamcharts.com/app/730
  12. CG Body Count

    I was on when this was posted but I was too lazy to respond until now
  13. [Blacklist Request][Rin]

    It went south sounds more like a recovery to me :).

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