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  1. CG ESEA Open Season 26

    Put me in coach
  2. awoo issue

  3. In Game Name : TheRedRiver08 Steam ID : STEAM_0:0:42862816 Hours In Server (gametracker) : 3 hours and 9 minutes :D. Recommendations By Moderators | Admins : @Cryo The God Do You Know Basic Admin Commands for CSGO (sm_admin) : I know majority of them. Why Do You Think You Deserve Staff : I have been in this community for almost a year now and I have dedicated many hours into bhop which I plan to do in TTT as well. I've also played on many other TTT servers before so I know how the game works. What Rules Do You See Commonly Broken on TTT : RDM and Traitor Baiting Have You Previously Been Staff For This Server : No Have You Previously Been Staff For Any Server : AG CS 1.6 Pokemod and CG Bhop. Any More Comments : D:
  4. CSGO -5man Competitive Team

    Put me in coach.
  5. [Bunny Hop][Staff Application][Dark`]

    ma boi darkaroni broni. spitting mad macaroni. +1.
  6. Insane donation of 2122.17 pesos

    I don't know what degenerate pesos you're using but this is the real number, 66725.00.
  7. It's lit bruv

    Asian would be in purples position and blame his whole team for it.
  8. New Third Person Addon

    Might as well be paying for mod at that point.
  9. please delete unused ts3 channels

    Riparoni Minecraft
  10. [TTT][Moderator][Mouseboy64]

    We should feel blessed that mouseboy would want to become mod here. +1

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