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  1. +1 I see him on almost every time I get on (regrettably isn't often due to work), I feel like he'll be a big help in dealing with all the problems we have (which are MORE than A LOT lately).
  2. [Bunny Hop][Mod Application][James]

    X (he told me too ;-;) On a serious note, great guy! Would be fun and (kinda) productive to see him on the staff team! +1
  3. I have been loyal to CG since I first signed up, even though I took a lot of shit from another staff member for months (We don't need names). I have went through a lot of stuff with this server and have grown a bond to it and a lot of the players. As well as brought my friends from outside the community into it where they now reside giving me yet another reason why I intend and will remain loyal to it. Even through my resignation I continued to do my best to enforce the rules as well as inform other staff when problems occur on the server. I believe there is no question of where I intend to spend my time on csgo and where I have been up till this point.
  4. It was about 2 weeks ago btw @Stolas and I have talked to based about the reason behind why I stepped down, and would be happy to discuss why I did to anyone who asks. But here is not the place to do that. -edit- I also do not understand why I should be only a trial mod seeing as I was mod on the server for 5 months before hand and had no issues.
  5. Generals/Trunks introduction

    Welcome! And don't worry about it man, we're a really accepting place! If you ever wanna come and talk/type my channel is always open on the ts <3
  6. @SnoopDoge420BlazeIt <19:06:58> "hi im Jaeger": what did you want? <19:07:09> "Blurry": lmao nvrmnd <19:07:18> "Blurry": I have no beef with you don't worry <19:07:32> "Blurry": Honestly don't hate you.... because I don't know you <19:07:45> "hi im Jaeger": aha, w.e if angie talks more shit she's gonna get shit from the owner, She's been nonstop harassing me <19:08:15> "hi im Jaeger": yet im sure she made it sound like im the dick q: <19:08:21> "Blurry": she didn't tell me to do that <19:08:26> "hi im Jaeger": mhm <19:08:36> "hi im Jaeger": yet you're about the 9th person who has <19:08:40> "Blurry": Snoop told me too <19:08:45> "hi im Jaeger": thats nice ^^ Chat logs from ts of people admitting you told them to come talk shit
  7. I don't call people "faggot" maybe thinking about cryo here? Also you have been talking to Angie a lot lately as well so massive bias coming in once again. I may have kicked you from my channel because I was having a serious talk with someone else at the time. But the fact of it being MY channel stands. Alsoooo This has nothing to do with me being staff on bhop, if anything, Angie has went out of her way many times to make me - a player and former staff - feel uncomfortable on the server, something I've had to get the owners to step in with just to stop.
  8. I also have numerous pictures and saved quotes of Angie - Snoop - And a few of their friends who have been both harassing me and talking shit both on and off the server, but you know.... It's okay to do that when you are an admin <3
  9. Just want to point out you're my ex's new boyfriend and I have never shit talked you? Also I tend not to talk to you at all so now you're simply backing up a triggered girl. -edit- With absolutely 0 first hand experience about this subject first hand.
  10. In Game Name : Jaeger ❤ Steam ID : STEAM_0:0:52243539 Hours In Server (sm_time) : uh... A lot. Recommendations By Moderators | Admins : #cryothegod (the first time I had Based and Fishy >.>) Do You Know Basic Admin Commands for CSGO (sm_admin) : Yeap. Thanks to my boi Based Do You Have A Mic : Yeapooo - I talk REALLY actively Why Do You Think You Deserve Staff : I was staff for around 5 months, not all for the right reasons. After taking a break and just watching the server I believe I can contribute to our current staff team, especially since many of them are moving on to other game modes/games. I enforce the rules actively and have been doing my best even without the position since I resigned. What Rules Do You See Commonly Broken on Bunny Hop : Mic spam, Racism, Soundboards mainly~ Have You Previously Been Staff For This Server : Yeap. Was for 5 months. Have You Previously Been Staff For Any Server : This one and like I said the first time on a few mc servers before~ Any More Comments (A Lot Of Players Apply So Stand Out) : Was a staff member before on this server, kept up the rules and participated in all the meetings. I see a lot of stuff that slides on the server because the current staff is mia or is just preoccupied with what ever else and I want to help fill the current holes as well as get back to enforcing and stepping up -> helping out the server anyway I can. (sorry kinda unsure of what to say seeing as this is the second time q: )

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