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  1. My apology

    Since I just finished my last exam of this semester about 3 hours ago, I thought it is the time to write a post I should have written many weeks ago: I want to apologize that I neglected the server I was entrusted with. I can’t really apologize for not being more active, because the cause for this was beyond my control: Some of you know I was already very busy this semester in general, but since the beginning of June a lot more university stuff and real life duties hit me really hard, and I basically couldn’t spend time on gaming at all, especially not at the NA times in which HG is populated. But I have to apologize for not telling you guys what’s up, for just sitting on the Head Admin position idling and for not putting much effort into finding an alternate, appropriate solution for the management of HG. Back when I was a regular player/ lower staff, I never understood why some higher ups just sat on their staff positions without utilizing it in any way, instead of just resigning and giving the position to another, motivated member, who would be able to use it to improve the server. I never wanted to become one of these people, but I think I became one of them at one point. And I'm sorry about that. I’m also aware that the point in time I became inactive couldn’t have been worse. The server needed special attention, Headline had just entrusted me with full source code access and I promised many people I would use that to significantly improve the server. I’m sorry that I had to abandon the server in this time in particular, that I didn’t kept these promises and especially, that I didn’t use the trust the owners placed on me responsibly to improve the server. I want to apologize for all of that. But as said I just finished my last exam of this semester, so until the beginning of the next semester, and maybe even beyond, I will have much more time on my hands again. And I’ll use this time to play more regularly again on our servers for sure. I’m gonna send Headline all my documentation of the stuff I altered and developed during my time in charge in the next days, to hopefully simplify the task of maintaining HG in the future a little bit. And if he’s interested, I’m also gonna send him the stuff which I started, and partially already finished, developing, but didn’t put on the server because I hadn’t the chance to test them sufficiently. TLDR: I’m not dead; I’m not gone; I was just really really busy and I’m really really sorry I missed out to responsibly take care of HG; I hope that I’ll play and talk to some of you guys more frequently again in the next weeks; And of course ALL HAIL THE GOAT
  2. moved to the Hunger Games Application Thread.
  3. CG TAG!

    Yea, I heard similar opinions about the new tag from several people in the last days, and tbh I share that opinion too. It's not that I loved the old tag and that I'm completly against changing it, but the new one is definitly not a improvement imho. Stuff like changing the tag should be decided by the whole community, the people who should wear it imo.
  4. Of course accepted. But since you just came back and we don't know how active you will be, we will just give you mod for now. I hope that's ok. If you really will be on a lot, you will make it back to admin soon for sure.
  5. [TS3][Staff Application][Spectra]

    Come back to Hunger Games if the TS people don't appreciate you enough. You can take over my position any time you want to. :D
  6. [CSGO] [hg] [Mod application]

    This app is fine for HG, it just was in the wrong forum section. I moved it into the correct one. For TTT you should make a new application post in their application section following their application format. Most stuff you should be able to copy paste from your application here.
  7. [CSGO] [hg] [Mod application]

    We really should think about making some annotation in the forum application section that it is not the game server application section. Thats the second HG app that landed in there now. Moved to the HG app section. @K_roZen I fear you will have to make a second app for TTT, cause different people will want to make comments to you getting staff on their specific server and different server higher ups will decide if you will get staff on their server. Here is the TTT application section: http://colosseum-gaming.com/forums/forum/145-staff-applications/
  8. Gaming mouse

    My old, trusty mouse I used for over 5 years died about one year ago. I ended up buying myself a Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum and never regretted it. I looked through all the mice with the best available sensors and was looking for one that has at least a 4 directional mouse wheel, because I need and constantly use these additional buttons. All these mice which only have the 2 side buttons were just never an option cause I would miss these additional buttons waaay to much. The only decent mouse that fulfilled these requirements was the g502, which even has a few more buttons then I was used to, and I love all of them and use all of them all the time. I have mouse profiles for so many programs now and it made working with these a lot easier. I would never go back to any other mouse. Downside of the g502 is its weight (and for some people the strange shape, but shape is always personal preference). If you buy a mouse mainly for CS:GO, the g502 will most likely be too heavy for you. That’s the reason none of the CS:GO pros use it. But if you will use that mouse for other applications besides CS:GO too, I can really recommend it.
  9. +1 I’ve seen him helping people on the server multiple times; never seen him causing any problems; is very passionate about becoming moderator and definitely has enough server experience now. Sorry that you had to wait so long.
  10. Hunger Games Application Status: OPEN, feel free to apply anytime. Please notice that we replaced the minimum requirement of 10 wins through a minimum of 30 server hours. Thank you very much for considering helping the server and the community by applying for a staff position.
  11. Title: [Hunger Games][Moderator][Name] In Game Name: SteamID: Hours in Server (Gametracker): Wins in Game: Recommendations (Staff Recommendations are Awesome): What Rules Are Most Commonly Broken: Why Do You Think You Deserve Admin: Any Further Comments:
  12. Yeah, fuck the application status we never manage to open up; we need some new, friendly and most of all active staff. @B.mo is playing on our server since a very long time and it seems he got really active in the last few weeks. I've never seen him causing any problems, but witnessed multiple times how he supported other players and staff. +1
  13. 5$ donation from mathew mcconahey

    Perk added. If there should be any problems you can contact me or any of the other staff anytime. Thank you very much for donating.
  14. Donation Claim

    Sorry that I overlooked that thread till now. Thank you very much for donating. Yes, the Jill Valentine model should work. I've added it to the server now and you should have it the next time you enter the server. If there should be any problems please contact me or any of the staff. Again, thank you very much for donating.
  15. [Unmute/ungag][Alex Jones]

    I agree with that in most of the cases, most of the time one or two more warning shots with mute/gag durations about an hour to a few days might be appropriate. But I definitely also witnessed some cases where the violator showed that much disruptive behavior, that an insta perma mute (or even a insta perm ban) was the better solution (e.g. if he shows the clear intention to hurt server and community as much as possible and the admin can be sure he would continue the majorly disruptive behavior as soon as the punishment vanishes). Thus it really depends on what he said and what behavior he has shown in voice chat and in the end it comes down to admin discretion of the staff we put our full trust in.. Agreed, everything is said here and I have no intention to bring that TTT beef to an HG unmute request. We’ll handle that somewhere else. I have no doubt that at least a small mute/gag was appropriate, since we have clear evidence Alex Jones harassed Hannah and has shown staff disrespect, and that another, longer, mute was appropriate too, since he clearly continued his disruptive behavoir after the first punishment had vanished. But since Hannah herself said that a perma mute/gag wasn’t really necessary in this situation, I’ll unmute him now. @AlexJones but be warned: Stop harassing people on the server/ breaking rules in general or you’ll be muted/punished again very soon.

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