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  1. oG Dankys mod application

    drunk belto here just droppin by to say, people can change who they where previously, just takes the guts to admit what they did. honestly you shouldve told everyone what you did in the past, how you screwed up, and how you are gonna improve on it, honesty is the best policy. also staff dont seem to enjoy you for reasons be so improve relations with staff -1 im glad im drinking, really i am, or i wouldve gone off so ill just leave this with... “It is better to offer no excuse than a bad one.” ― George Washington and you didnt even have to create an app to become a mod/trial admin for the server. duces yo
  2. Coming out of retirement

    i seriously dont know what this means, enlighten me yo
  3. Expressing Graditute

    Was all you and changes you made, congrats bruv you deserve it. Much dedication and love you put in the server and you continue to do great things yo
  4. Foxtrot's Staff app

    lol no you'd gag people you find annoying, too immature for head admin and doesnt know how to deal with people who curse too much, would need a lot more training and tolerance of random internet peoples before I could +1 you. til then -1
  5. Coming out of retirement

    its been happening even before when i was sm but hid under a thin layer of sorrys. much love to you micro, go places buddy couldnt have said it better honestly
  6. hey buddy my legacys over time for you to create your own, im here if you need help and always will be, good luck my dude!
  7. CG Body Count

    i eat ass
  8. Philip's Bye Bye

  9. ~The GMOD Purge~

    its never been fast download
  10. ~The GMOD Purge~

    I already removed the cup skins and other broken ones.
  11. ~The GMOD Purge~

    TFA Has taken up quite a bit of space, I'm thinking of doing a re-upload of certain TFA weapons and switch to m9k spawns, with a max of about 100-200 mb of tfa for ps only weapons.
  12. ~The GMOD Purge~

    I'll definitely look into this.
  13. ~The GMOD Purge~

    Hey y'all Esbelto here, now I've been needing to do this for a while as an inactive SM, I got carried away and focused on other things once I got back from NTC and I need to focus on reviving the server. Lets talk big things now, What do you want removed? What is cluttering up the server? Ideas of what to do mainly to the server, mainly on removal of ANYTHING, I'm gonna try to bring FPS and PING back to normal on the server and remove the ridiculous load time. Other then that I'll start purging addons today starting now, lets get this bitch going. Goals 1. Remove the ridiculous load time. 2. Bring FPS back to normal for each and every PC. 3. Bring the ping back to normal. 4. Still keep the server fresh and fun for every individual. 5. Make the server active again. (obviously) Purge list~ 1. Cup PM's. 2. All TFA Robotnik stuff. 3. All TFA Halo Weapons. 4. TFA D.va light gun. 5. Riotshield for detective. 6. Thriller T weapon 7. TFA Vox 8. TFA Voices 9. Mr Meeseeks 10. Dubstep gun 11. Taunts 12. TFA Ar2 13. TFA XR2 14. TFA WW2 15. TFA VSS 16. TFA Pulse Rifle 17. TFA M24-9 18. TFA Famas 19. TFA Chainsaw MK 20. Bombsuit 21. Cat detective weapon
  14. Philip's Bye Bye

    Yea that shit dumb af just hang in yo
  15. lemme talk in the shoutbox

    Why am i muted for shit talking the community in shoutbox lul xd rules dont apply to me cause im special childish 3rd owner doesnt know better xd These posts are cringey, community is in decline, we get it, spamming about how shitty the owners are or servers are doesnt make you immune to punishment, holy fuck. "Sheep are going to -1 and defend asian" no we're just tired to see you spam stupid shit.

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