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  1. ~The GMOD Purge~

    Hey y'all Esbelto here, now I've been needing to do this for a while as an inactive SM, I got carried away and focused on other things once I got back from NTC and I need to focus on reviving the server. Lets talk big things now, What do you want removed? What is cluttering up the server? Ideas of what to do mainly to the server, mainly on removal of ANYTHING, I'm gonna try to bring FPS and PING back to normal on the server and remove the ridiculous load time. Other then that I'll start purging addons today starting now, lets get this bitch going. Goals 1. Remove the ridiculous load time. 2. Bring FPS back to normal for each and every PC. 3. Bring the ping back to normal. 4. Still keep the server fresh and fun for every individual. 5. Make the server active again. (obviously)
  2. Philip's Bye Bye

    Yea that shit dumb af just hang in yo
  3. lemme talk in the shoutbox

    Why am i muted for shit talking the community in shoutbox lul xd rules dont apply to me cause im special childish 3rd owner doesnt know better xd These posts are cringey, community is in decline, we get it, spamming about how shitty the owners are or servers are doesnt make you immune to punishment, holy fuck. "Sheep are going to -1 and defend asian" no we're just tired to see you spam stupid shit.
  4. Philip's Bye Bye

    Good luck in ait, and you wont get a computer because its fort jackson sometime out of red phase you should get your phone every sunday. Dont bitch out like ive seen other weak sauces have, im sure youll do fine, just keep your head up and keep moving forward. Duces my dude
  5. Headline's Resignation

    I heard you where chill and you seemed to do a lot for the community, sorry for not getting to know you much more then now, good luck on your future endeavors!
  6. I'm fucking drunk .

    Corona for days boiiiis and drink til you pass out or puke it up,record is 15 coronas and like half a bottle of jack daniels at barracks party and passed out. Its fun getting lit my dudes.
  7. Hiatus till irma passes.

    Stay safe yo
  8. Intro!

    No no no, stay on the gmod side, its my favorite side for a reason ;) You fucking know it
  9. Intro!

    Hi! Welcome to cg, if you dont mind me asking, which server you would be playing, anyways, enjoy your stay!
  10. ~Temp SM Announcement~

    Hey ya'll, this will be a quick and sweet announcement, so tomorrow I'll be leaving to training tomorrow for the whole month. @A Sneaky Blueberry will be temp SM, treat her nicely please, I don't need drama when I'm gone or when I get back, I've also taught her a thing or two about lua so if you have any issues just make sure to message her or post about it on the forums. I'll be back sometime around the 29th of this month. Until then, duces bois.
  11. Kawaii I love you.

    LOOOOOOOOL, haha drink well brotha
  12. [GMOD TTT][MOD][Apollo]

    Denied because it's a joke app. EDIT: Carson still mad that im right lmao EDIT 2: CS GO TTT BRIGADE AYYYY LMAO
  13. Harmonic7's Retirement/Leaving letter

    Hanna AND Scrinn has done little to no change since AG, they removed some pm's due to indices, same with maps. And a few new rules... When I played during Hanna and Scrinn's times it was practically the same and that's why I complained a lot about no updates.
  14. Harmonic7's Retirement/Leaving letter

    Wow, ok, I gotcha. Thanks. Just cause I made some updates doesn't mean the server is garbage, changes where bound to happen, there was little to no replay value in the server, there WAS no reward for dedicating time, people where getting bored and quite frankly I was also getting bored, there's not much you can add to TTT and I tried to make the server as unique as possible, and now it is, there is NO other server like ours right now that also rewards you and has such a player friendly donation system such as ours. I dedicated a lot of time to make sure everyone has the most enjoyable time and have had a lot of feedback regarding the update and the players awe'd by it, but I don't appreciate the trash talk like this, especially after all this hard work I AND sneaky put into the server.
  15. Harmonic7's Retirement/Leaving letter

    Understandable, this change isn't for everyone. The one goal I had was to give a fresh new gameplay look on TTT but some people don't enjoy it as much as other's and that's understandable. Can you specify what's broken? I've been hard at work trying to fix all the weapons and addons in the server that seem to break, the update released was a LOT worse then it is now, with the base codes not working, ammo exploding, snipers not working correctly, and scopes just absolutely broken, now everything seems to be working just fine. A lot of the shotguns where nerfed, even the spawned ones, they aren't snipers anymore but not all of them are perfect, I'm still trying to find that perfect inbetween for shotguns still, it may not be the fastest way to find balance but I definitely don't want to make weapons useless, I want every weapon to feel like it has a use/purpose in GMOD TTT. As a traitor you SHOULD be able to lie, but there comes a line for when you SHOULD and SHOULDN'T lie, it should be absolutely fine until it affects someones karma, previously on my old TTT server I use to manage it was a shit fest for rdm because lieing and false kosing someone would get an innocent killed (which is good for traitors) but it affected people's karma and ultimately got people karma banned because traitor's would abuse the fuck out of it. Ultimately in the end you served GMOD TTT very well and I thank you for staffing, you where a great help and it sucks to see a good staff member resigned, thanks for sticking around and staffing the server! I really appreciate it and hope you good luck on your future endeavors!

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