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    just wondering if it still haping or not wasn't sure just wanted to ask
  2. gmod textures wont load

    Yeah thats were i downloaded it
  3. gmod textures wont load

    i downloaded css content and half life ep1 and 2 and portal and put it in the addons folder but there is still pink and black and erroers when i join servers
  4. CG Body Count

  5. CSGO TTT Is Back (soon)

    hope so if not we are fightin

    any of u fuckers tryin play fortnite need squad comment if u do pussies
  7. @Kimilinni@SinisterSultan i dont like it becausei could be shooting a breakable object and i call it and still get killed
  8. HG skin loss

    @The Asianhttp://gamebanana.com/skins/133156 thats it
  9. HG skin loss

    i used to have a model in hg but i got on today and it was gone ?
  10. Title: [CSGO TTT][Admin][Dryden]

    + rep great player on most of the time and really helpfull p.s i like tame better
  11. yeah watched to videos and the first one we cant see if u revoke it or not so we cant tell and ketic didnt give u slays .in the secend video he dosnt say the n word he says nicker and is trying to say that he didnt say the n word
  12. We should change the song on sky frequency

    +1 great song
  13. demote carson

    @RICK he has been muted before and the first thing he did when he joined was mic spam and was warned then said the n word after a warning
  14. server broke mabe

    tried it all
  15. everytime i trey to join i lose connection i tryed other servers and they all work please help maybe getting ddosed from someone on the server idk

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