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  1. Community Versus ARAM Competition

    can it be streamed so i can enjoy a good chuckle watching people do very poorly
  2. Dogs.

    German Shepherd Husky mix
  3. Dogs.

  4. donation

    i donated for the cause, pls get well soon cg. enjoy the $5 <3333
  5. Let's Count to 20!

  6. Let's Count to 20!

  7. Let's Count to 20!

  8. Let's Count to 20!

  9. Let's Count to 20!

  10. Let's Count to 20!

  11. CG Body Count

  12. Let's Rebuild CG, Together

    lol u have no time to be helping or working on cg cause your weekends are so busy. rip. don't blame yourself
  13. [Blacklist Request][Rin]

    rin is good guy, don't BL him.
  14. For All You Solo Players

    yea cause i have no friends cause im trash
  15. Me Irl

    is that really heavy breathing 30 seconds into the first video?
  16. Let's Count to 20!

  17. Headline's Resignation

    Thanks for being sweet af
  18. Staff Appreciation Day

    Instead of a Staff Appreciation Day, maybe the staff who feel they need to be appreciated need to take things less seriously, such as insults from random kids online. Plus, Staff Disrespect is against the rules, so if someone is actually disrespecting you, handle it the correct way. And if you reaaalllly need to feel appreciated, just go find a random stranger online and be nice to them, most people are pretty nice back. And if they aren't nice back, they are a random stranger so who cares, go find a new random stranger. This can apply to anyone, not just staff :)
  19. My Mod Application Smurfsswag

    OMG FINALLYYYY YOU APPLIED I've been waiting for this, everytime I see you on the server i expect you to already have mod. You would be perfect for this position. Respectful of all players, Knows the rules, and He has been around for agessssss. BIG +1
  20. Gaming mouse

    Yea, I have the Razer Deathadder currently. It's a great mouse. And not pricey :)
  21. Come and grab it

    i thought we had an agreement fak xp
  22. Come and grab it

    Why not join x3

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