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  1. Me Irl

    is that really heavy breathing 30 seconds into the first video?
  2. Let's Count to 20!

  3. Headline's Resignation

    Thanks for being sweet af
  4. Staff Appreciation Day

    Instead of a Staff Appreciation Day, maybe the staff who feel they need to be appreciated need to take things less seriously, such as insults from random kids online. Plus, Staff Disrespect is against the rules, so if someone is actually disrespecting you, handle it the correct way. And if you reaaalllly need to feel appreciated, just go find a random stranger online and be nice to them, most people are pretty nice back. And if they aren't nice back, they are a random stranger so who cares, go find a new random stranger. This can apply to anyone, not just staff :)
  5. My Mod Application Smurfsswag

    OMG FINALLYYYY YOU APPLIED I've been waiting for this, everytime I see you on the server i expect you to already have mod. You would be perfect for this position. Respectful of all players, Knows the rules, and He has been around for agessssss. BIG +1
  6. Gaming mouse

    Yea, I have the Razer Deathadder currently. It's a great mouse. And not pricey :)
  7. Come and grab it

    i thought we had an agreement fak xp
  8. Come and grab it

    Why not join x3
  9. [UnBlacklistRequest][SnoopDoge]

    Snoop back in CG? I believe he is actually sorry for what he did, but sorry doesn't always cut it. I understand if you don't want people to see the pictures, don't send them. Obviously the wrong doing wasn't sending the pictures to the person you trust, but was when Snoop shared them with Ryan. Besides what we all already know, and what Snake has said (everything Snake said I agree with) ... Snoop was an alright kid. He was a good staff member in the past for multiple servers. He wouldn't make the same mistake twice, and frankly I doubt he will have the opportunity to. +1 I guess. I felt my opinion might matter so ye. Good luck Snoop. Honestly don't care what happens with this unblacklist.
  10. Future of Battle Royale

    mhmm good luck good luck. (I hope it isn't @Stolas huehue) I still think if you want a JB or Minigame server so bad, take a server that isn't being worked on. At least we are trying. We have a completely dead surf and a second bhop.
  11. Future of Battle Royale

    Who'll run 'em?
  12. Future of Battle Royale

    wat why dont we do that with surf lmao
  13. Future of Battle Royale

    I forgot to add, the two people working on the server are both amateurs, still learning. It'll take time
  14. Future of Battle Royale

    Well I don't have the instagram anymore, so I'm not promoting it any longer. So if my promoting from a month or two ago is still bringing people back to the server then that's pretty neat. But I am not the one saying it's the highest rank, I'm just saying it needs attention and work. There are only 3 maps, and plenty issues. That's probably the only server I really enjoy here, and if you guys decided to take it down then go for it, but I don't see a reason why we need to.
  15. Future of Battle Royale

    Currently, Battle Royale is being worked on to help improve the server itself, and hopefully make it better for all players. With more time and work, I'm sure it'll be just as fun and enjoyable as the rest of our servers, since we are "based off of fun." Actually wanted to do something with BR on the forums and I am glad I got an email from BR stuff, otherwise I'd never remember :p EDIT: I don't have that IG anymore either :p

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