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  1. Something UBER Fun♥

    dw ill take the karma @Flipp3d it's because you're a nobody and those who do know you don't like you.
  2. Things that need to be said.

    when is that not the case
  3. Philip's Bye Bye

    this is true, my guy fish is basically a god within this community
  4. Philip's Bye Bye

    they're all dying boys
  5. Let's Count to 20!

  6. Let's Count to 20!

  7. Lenoty's Resignation

    pussy doesn't wanna go down with the ship shameful
  8. PUBG Thread!

    phat gt 640 xd
  9. Battle of the Communities IV

    update #2 keyboard acquired. ready to play the counter stirke
  10. Headline's Resignation

    Damn. Shame to see you go, man. Best of luck in your future endeavors.
  11. Battle of the Communities IV

    update on this i should be getting it tomorrow
  12. Let's Count to 20!

  13. Let's Count to 20!

  14. Let's Count to 20!

    i hate you

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