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  2. im insulted that my post was deleted
  3. Dogs.

    Lenoty is just looking for masturbation material
  4. Purge The Server/Hardcore Reset!

    you're a jew
  5. almost a new year heh

    Yeah I thought killing yourself would take top priority I guess not

    stfu sand n!gger
  7. :)

    "relevant" lol
  8. oG Dankys mod application

    Good luck to him and i hope he gets it it'd be a blast playing im sure
  9. oG Dankys mod application

    Yeah but can cg strive off one server? Probably not TBH
  10. Coming out of retirement

    Whenever i hop on csgo its always empty, i'd love for it to be repopulated though And yeah I was talking about belto like kawaii said
  11. Coming out of retirement

    Stolas took over Jailbreak as SM right before it died. He said it was already dying when he took over is all not an insult or anything.
  12. Coming out of retirement

    Getting some Stolas Déjà vu seeing this lol
  13. Foxtrot's Staff app

    I mean we just gave rin forum staff xd so i don't see why he can't have a chance +1 And I mean no can be as mute happy as @Jamesso why not right
  14. only to important ppl get rekt
  15. who the fuck are you lol
  16. Let's Count to 20!

  17. CG Body Count

  18. Me Irl

    And in the end they both still shitty marching bands lmao
  19. Lenoty's Resignation

    Lol no need to lie about having an important life. Ur just jumping ship before it crash and burns.
  20. Let's Count to 20!

    isishiyagalombili actual number
  21. Next TTT Staff Meeting.

    what if i dont want to go
  22. resigning and hiatus

    It's ok it's not like there's anything to manage really :^)
  23. Let's talk sauce.

    @Flipp3d is post farming
  24. Let's talk sauce.

    I appreciate sauce they're very nice

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