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  1. Philip's Bye Bye

    What did you do? <3
  2. TS staff is small brain

    Yeah i'm tired of these small brains running around. We need someone like me with at Mega Brain to run this shit.
  3. Headline's Resignation

    Rest in peace to the home! :( Much love man. Good luck! <3
  4. PUBG Custom Game Poll

    I'm down but how does it work? I'm not too familiar with the custom game part. Like would you be able to do squads and stuff? Or would it be strictly duo?
  5. Question

    Prime forum posting right here...
  6. Back To school giveaway

    Forum name: @Cryo The God Steam URL: http://steamcommunity.com/id/CryoTheGodDamnGod/
  7. Another one...

    ...to add to the shit list.
  8. Rant- "You're a pussy xd"

    Just take all of them so you are not irrational.
  9. cg twitter

    Worst idea ever. This damn community can barely keep up with the 3 servers we have.
  10. My feelings lately

  11. I heard you were a spastic but now i get to see it...
  12. CS:GO Extravagnza

    And so are you that's what i mean
  13. CS:GO Extravagnza

    James... Did Red boost your account again? We all know you are an absolute shitter at games
  14. Giveaway :D

    Put me in boyo :)

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