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  1. i bought dying light enhanced edition so you know what we have to play now

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Pvt Esbelto

      Pvt Esbelto

      I havent, only got 20% through it on hardcore.

    3. Hreta


      And i'm the fAggot NyA?

    4. Pvt Esbelto

      Pvt Esbelto

      EXCUSE ME? Nah but you need to get on sometime later, stop being a faggot, or get player unknowns, that shits good. Broke ass nigga.

  2. nice drawing it reminds me of the soldier 76 drawing i havent received yet >:T


    Also get on before monday or else I'll be gone for the rest of the month due to yakistand.

  3. GMOD TTT Memorial Day

    CAn it hAve thAt AND some Ammo? Like AtleAst one bullet so I can fucking kill myself becAuse I hAve no Ammo?
  4. Resignation and Goodbye

    @Kimilinni No mention for me? I see how it is, but honestly you we're god dAmn fucking AmAzing, ily.
  5. Where do i make a unpermagag request?
  6. Hey cAn I like, hAve my 20 mil+ points from AG returned + 100 mil worth of items, you know, hollA hollA?

  7. Hello

    Fresh meat.
  8. WhAt A you fucking gAy, fAggot.
  9. happy late mothers day mom

  10. wow mom once again visiting my page i wonder how it would feel to fuck mommys poopy hole

    1. Hreta


      You have issues

  11. i should add downy rank back just for you faggot do one more spongebob meme i fucking dare you

    1. Hreta


      No nuts m8

  12. New Developer of CG TTT here

    @Pvt Esbelto WAnnAbe TheIAtliAn motherfucker go kys -1 -1 -1 -1
  13. These updates fucking suck

    NiggA, how did you die After All those hArpoons @Superkiller4933
  14. You better be online April 22 for my bday you midget.


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