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  1. Staff Changes to Hunger Games

    +1 Jake will bring the memes. In other news the month of 12 hour days turned into full time work for me bc the guy quit. My Gf plays trove and other games on my account during the day, please dont bug her unless its important.......flipp3d :3 Take Care guys i gotta go to work, i'll still be around here and there; just throw me an invite if you think its me.
  2. Asphyxiates 2nd Hunger Games Staff App

    accepted. now i go back to work, work, work, work, work.
  3. [CSGO] [hg] [Mod application]

    Accepted ^ Fuck you capped it this time,
  4. [Hunger Games][Demotion Request][Red John] 

    So, i just finished reading all this and i also disagree that this should be a demotion request. It should have just been a simple unmute request. i was not on the server at the time of all of this so i dont know the full story of how the mute happened aka if there was a warning or if john just came on and muted etc. (off topic kinda) staff have to also take into account if the players on the servers are having a fun time and thats the reason they are being loud we dont want to punish kids for having fun on the server. thats why its there i will be taking with both john and sandwitch today. as of right now @Red John keeps staff and @Sandwich Man will remain muted until i talk to both parties.
  5. Meeting

    see you guys at 8pm my time (Eastern) . so im thinking we just stick with the ts for starters and then move to a discord or whatever. So join the ts first.
  6. Meeting

    is there a legit reason to -1 each of his posts? not that i can think of unless you are targeting him. this is a topic about hg staff meeting you dont need to be here.
  7. Meeting

    this is when i bring up Curse :D its pretty good.
  8. Meeting

    xD if others are other with it i dont care.
  9. Meeting

    The meeting will be at 8 pm est, if you are late getting in we will bring you up to speed.
  10. Meeting

    yes eastern time zone. im just going by my time so i dont forget. im mostly trying to make things easier for you fuchs. sorry west coasters.
  11. Meeting

    oh shit yeah how does 7:30 sound then. i get home at 7 tomorrow. does that work for the west coast peeps?
  12. Meeting

    How does 9pm east time sound, does it work for you guys?
  13. Meeting

    dyus i dont beleive ive seen you much on the server whats your steam?

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