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  1. Order of the Knights

    Just punish the use of these groups. I mean. Long as it extends the fun then its all good but when it starts group rule breaking its another. Not hard to punish rule breakers. Just punish them like you would anyone else. Increase punishment on subsequent breaking of rules until they behave. No need to go out of everyone's way to make another highly specific rule when its unnecessary.
  2. ~GMOD TTT Memorial Event~

    Hey I replied.
  3. Esbelto has been promoted to GMOD TTT SM!

    Guys. It's obvious things aren't going as planned but give him a break. He's at least trying to add new things and make it fun. I'm sure he's stressed out enough as it is.
  4. It's a silly rule to have. Simply put that there is no reason to limit your speech on the server. We come here to express ourselves and be ourselves. Don't stop us from being us. That's all I have to say on the matter. Free speech is free speech, don't take away that right.
  5. [TTT][Ban Request][Orell]

    Your Steam Name : Yin Defendant's Steam Name : Orell Defendant's Steam ID : STEAM_0:1:115994487 Reason For Ban : Harrassment Requested Amount of Time for Ban : 2 days Any Witnesses (Tag Using @members) : @BootyRay@A Sneaky Blueberry Further Proof (Screenshots / Demos / etc.) : Consistent RDM, first RDM was from my first thread and the others were from just today. 2 of the RDM's wern't recorded though but I'm sure @BootyRay could vouch for me. 1 the first time I played and 1 today before I started recording. Anyhow. I don't know how else to come about this other then getting this up as @BootyRay has already talked to Orell. So I feel forced to this being my only option. Put simply. I feel harassed and targeted by him and am not even given a reason for it. Please do something about this as I don't play TTT often and when I do I get this. And it just completely ruins the vibe to play TTT at all. Appreciate any help this can receive.
  6. [GMOD][TTT][Unban][[Panda] Crystal]

    I hope we can grow from this, I'm not so mad about the ban and appreciate it being resolved. I just feel bad if it had happend to anyone else is all. I'd be F'd if I didn't happen to be recording by Ramen's reccomend, and what would be said for some rando that dosen't have access to such software? they stay perma'd? Just some food for thought. Feel free to lock this topic as it has been seemingly resolved.
  7. [GMOD][TTT][Unban][[Panda] Crystal]

    Here's a video of the round, keep in mind Orell RDM'd me the previous round aswell. But that aside you can clearly hear my mic and my mic static and the only time I spoke was when he RDM'd me. The only other time I spoke was about non-game related things to Ramen.
  8. [GMOD][TTT][Unban][[Panda] Crystal]

    Still looking for a definition of ghosting if anyone could please assist with such.
  9. Steam Name: [Panda] Crystal Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:35116895 Admin that banned you: TheRealPayne Ban Length: Permanent Reason for your ban: Ghosting Why you wish to be unbanned: False ban. Any other comments: Orell who is apart of Booty's "gang" RDM'd me twice in a row and all he got was 2 slays and not even a warning. on-top of I would like to request a definement of ghosting, as it isn't specific what is ghosting and what isn't. All I was doing was having a play of gmod and I receive this out of nowhere. Honestly feel slightly targeted on the server from these two actions happening the map after I had a chat with @BootyRay over a private matter.

    this was painful to read. -1
  11. More Jumping Not Adding Up

    As for my personal opinion on the matter, nobody should ever be forced to limit their experience or hardware just to accommodate for everyone else. It's like telling an Olympian that they need to run with crutches while everyone else gets to run regularly because they're just in better shape. I do agree one shouldn't be able to jump higher then one another but if we have to handicap the user just to achieve such win. As then it's just limiting the player base we try to give freedom.
  12. More Jumping Not Adding Up

    function ITEM:Think(ply, modifications) if ply:KeyDown(IN_JUMP) then ply:SetVelocity(ply:GetUp() * 6) end end This is the part extracted from the jump-pack that gives it's effect. Trying to look around for alternatives for this as if it isn't multiplied then it will keep adding and adding. While with the jumping power. function ITEM:OnEquip( player ) player:SetJumpPower( 500 ) end It is added directly to their jump power stat, which is used correctly to my understanding. As this issue is comming from the jump-pack and not higher-jumping. Implementing it to run on a server ticks may work.
  13. More Jumping Not Adding Up

    We used this version because it is the one I had discussed with @Han'na-Hiru@Scrinn@Esbelto #Gamergate about yesterday during testing. They agreed that we should try out this version, and the old high-jump in a category of their own. Which you could either use this or high-jump (Either jumping high or gliding is the idea) But that's not the point. We used this version to better demonstrate and elongate the effect so it can be seen easier. On-top of making this video used a lot of my time. I'm currently trying to keep up with working on this, on-top of a addon that will limit the speed a bhopper can go. On-top of trying to make all this work for CG TTT. This video is meant to show the the effect in relation to FPS it is NOT meant to show the height in comparison to the server.
  14. More Jumping Not Adding Up

    I compiled a video to help show my case. As the video demonstrates different stable FPS's will give different results. which are scale-able. As it can be seen at 250 FPS it was very general due to them being unable to keep it consistent 250. None the less it shows how if the FPS is unstable (This was moderately unstable) can give varied results. Things to take into note about the video:1.The soon to be added Super Jump Pack is used in the video. It isn't much of a boost but demonstrates the effect in greater detail then the regular jump pack would. 2.It is being used on a Test Server I host that has the exact same settings CG uses except for not using every addon (Unnecessary ones are removed for example some player models to make the server load faster) Here's the picture of the comparisons as well.
  15. More Jumping Not Adding Up

    From what I learned from such is they're trying to achieve a specific frame-rate one that's like absolutely stable. It's sort of like if you give a car different amounts of gas every moment of it running it will not run steady. Or as another example with electronics they will run worse if your voltages are all over the place. BUT if you give them a steady rate of power they will run significantly better. It's sort of the same concept with FPS to my understanding. As when I have tested with Daniel when they unlocked their FPS they had screen tearing due to their fps going up to 450 and on top of that their jumping was normal or inconsistent due to jumpy FPS. Lock it? It goes back to being moon boots. From our testing I can deduct with 90% certainty it's tied to FPS.

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