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  1. [Blacklist Request][Rin]

    Lmao I think the last thing cg should or would do is blacklist someone over something so stupid. Especially when they actually try and do nice things for the members unlike the ones who are nothing but toxic. You can't help it if a person has fallen on hard times just be patient.
  2. Apparently trying to defend someones giveaway is accusing them of rigging it I guess that's what happens when you let a dumb ass who doesn't do anything try and manage a community.

  3. Back To school giveaway

    There is no system because there is always a way to rig it if someone wanted. It's like you don't want people to do nice things for the members of cg.
  4. Community poll on editing your own post/thread

    You can edit your already posted post until another user responds to the topic. Pros and cons but they can always clarify what they meant in a later post if it didn't make sense in the first one and they didn't have time to fix it. Probably best if you take your time with your post before posting it though that's stupid and unrealistic lmao.
  5. Steam Gift card giveaway!

    I'm not saying it rigged and I agree this debate is stupid but there are reasons a person would rig a give away. For one you get a forum award for it and the second you get free rep. To some people these things are desired and if they can give a false sense of selfishness then they might want to while also rigging it for their friends. To all the people who say it's rigging I am almost positive that he wasn't friends with either winners and I feel like he just wanted to do something nice and try and make more friends in the community. Stop being huge fucking dicks and be happy that someone was trying to do something nice for the community. Bullshit negativity will turn people away and bam cg will die good job dumbasses lmao. I bet no one will do a giveaway now because you're all toxic little shits. Toxic toxic toxic. I am curious on why winners were posted before the chosen date lol.
  6. [GMOD TTT][MOD][Apollo]

    At this point does it matter? Forums are dead and whether it's fake or not it will bring activity to forums and get people discussing it.
  7. Steam Gift card giveaway!

    Forum name: Kimilinni Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Kimilinni/ thanks for the giveaway
  8. Usp Ninjas Staff Application

  9. Usp Ninjas Staff Application

    There is a format to apply for staff someone will post it because I'm on my phone and yes.
  10. I left because of awful family issues. If you wanted me to be extremely honest on me leaving there you go but that's I'm not going deeper. These are the rule THAT I WROTE. If you do not understand them I am happy to explain it to you. Not everyone has a happy life where they can spend countless hours playing games. I was simply trying to explain to you how I intended the rules to be interpreted when I wrote them. You wanted a discussion yet the only thing you can say to try and make the thing I say invalid is that i don't play the server. Maybe because I know it would only be trouble and that i would not be welcomed but instead treated unfairly by staff that dislikes me.
  11. Then what's the issue? If they are not a challenge then you can kill them right? And if they are camping they get slayed so you're that much closer to winning the round.
  12. But don't you like the challenge?
  13. If you want that you should try your best to get that as a traitor. Doing it while you're an inno is suspicious and generally to avoid more deaths if they are a traitor is to take them out as soon as possible. You cant say that if you saw someone shooting at other players that you would not immediately kill them because it's extremely suspicious. Going off what you said about the traitor then hiding and camping. That's against the rules. Most people don't want to get slayed in the middle of their t round right? You'd rather kill as many as you can even if it means you die. If they do camp then bam they'll get slayed. I understand that for you youd want to kill them yourself but most people don't want to get slayed and possibly ruin the rou d for their own t buddies. At least that's what I got while I was active on the server. Has there been a rise in campers since then? If so it is the job of the staff to inform them of the rules and correct them.
  14. Generally if you're shooting at a traitor wouldn't you call a Kos on them and then start shooting them? It's one of the easiest ways to avoid getting killed in this situation especially if you have the drop on the traitor after witnessing them killing someone/do something traitorous.

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