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  1. ~The GMOD Purge~

    VIP/Non-VIP weapons will still have to be entire weapons on their own. There are no "skins" for M9K weapons or any for that matter. TFA has a "skins" function but that takes up too much space.
  2. ~The GMOD Purge~

    Rip all the items people had and wanted. The original reason that all this stuff got added was because people complained about how stale it got with no new addons/weapons/models being added. If two people who rarely touched the server when it was active think restoring it back to it's original "Another M9K with double jump" server, yea we can all go back to the VIP spamming the gold AK and dominating everyone with new players getting salty and leaving. Donations won't be as frequent but at least there'll be regulars/vip on and it loads faster. Compromises are compromises ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. PUBG Custom Game Poll

    It requires you to get a partnership with Bluehole as a content creator or be able to bring a lot of attention to the game (streamers). At the moment they're only handing out accounts with the power to make servers to select few. The activities on these custom servers range from shotguns (or etc.) only, zombie mode, various squad sizes, loot rate edits, and etc.
  4. We need more games.

    But you can't add weeb skins on cs
  5. We need more games.

    A Gmod gamemode that's not TTT? Or DarkRP cause that's died really quickly before.
  6. Is that you in your avatar pic xd

  7. Workshop Manual Subscription

    These are collections containing all of the user accessible addons on the server. Sub to whatever you might be missing if they aren't downloaded automatically. https://steamcommunity.com/id/SneakyBluebear/myworkshopfiles/?section=collections&appid=4000
  8. Hello!

    There isn't a collection as all the workshop contents should automatically download upon joining. If there's any errors/textures missing try to rejoin. If it persists, message me on steam and I'll help you manually fix it.
  9. Playermodel Suggestions

    I don't know what happened to the previous suggestions category. Post PM's here because so far we've been adding them at random because nobody's been really demanding anything.
  10. Staff Holding Grudges. [Demotion][Ban?]

    I'm sure there's both sides to this but in your first case that goes against the rule of killing purely on suspicion. I and many other VIP may use the golden deagle and simply off weapon may have been RDM had someone else had the golden deagle. When someone has a weapon that killed an innocent you may call suspicion but not KOS because regardless of who prefers what kind of weapons, more than one person may use the killer's weapon.
  11. The curious case of random demotes

    If I recall the only people who were demoted were ProGeneralChaos and GokuEdward. In the case of Pro there had been the matter of the Red v. Pink Knights matter where he would not punish members of his faction and complaints of him not doing reports. Goku had completely stopped doing reports it'd seem. Along with witnessing it myself and screenshotted evidence provided by other staff members it was determined there's no point in him being staff if he isn't going to do his job. The two were clearly not AFK as they were playing the rounds normally but simply ignoring the reports which as far as I know has a loud notification sound.
  12. I got banned for a reason I did not do. I was banned for leaving on a 3 slays. i did not do that. I came back and the message popped up

  13. Playermodel Suggestion Voting

    This thread will be used to gauge the community's interests in workshop skins for addition to the pointshop in the future. Please limit replies to only skin suggestions and not comments/responses/discussion. Use the upvoting system to either +1 or -1 a skin suggestion. The more votes a skin has the higher priority it will have to be added!
  14. [GmodTTT][Mod Round 2][BootyRay]

    You've been great staff before plus even recently you've started helping with such related issues even as non-staff. I understand you disappeared for personal reasons but there's no issue having you back though not as admin instantly.
  15. BobActionNews Staff Application

    Put on hold. At the moment your activity is not great as ZephyR and other staff have mentioned. Though you have experience, your presence on the server hasn't stood out much to make up for the lack of activity. You may reapply in 2 weeks.

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