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  1. [GMOD][TTT][ADMIN][Kawaii Satan]

    +1 Always been good staff. Enforces the rules while still having fun, and making it fun for others
  2. Politics

  3. $20 Steam Code Giveaway

  4. Lost Couch Contemplating Suicide

    Rest in pussy Couch. Never 5 get
  5. [TTT-GMOD][Unban Request][Ibuki Mioda]

    I am neutral (if my opinion still counts for anything Ay lmao). I would say lessen the ban, or make him take some slays (or both)
  6. [Jailbreak][Ban Request][dyrus] 

    +2 3 toxic 5 me
  7. Signature Giveaway/Raffle

  8. More Jumping Not Adding Up

    @Communist Matt
  9. Esbeltos Farewell Party

    This is going pretty good so far... http://imgur.com/a/Wyxpk
  10. Esbeltos Farewell Party

    Come join the Belto family. Welcome to the second annual family Belto family reunion
  11. Esbeltos Farewell Party

    @Esbelto #Gamergate Why didn't you tell me fam? You didn't like shoot me a message on Steam or anything. Good thing I decided to lurk today :^). I would never miss my homies going away party. You better hide all yo glass cause I'm probably going to sing karaoke :^)
  12. [GMOD][TTT][Temp Staff Application][Esbelto] 

    @The Asian Are you meming him?
  13. [GMOD][TTT][Temp Staff Application][Esbelto] 

    +1 Esbelto does joke around a lot (and it makes him super fun to be around), but he can get serious at the snap of a finger. He is extremely overqualified to be a mod, and if you ask me, he would be really good as temp staff.
  14. [GMOD][TTT][MOD][PsychoBitch]

    I wish I could recommend ;_;. But +1 She has amazing Player relation skills and is super nice. Also, she has lots of experience in staffing.

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