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  1. We're Back! Winter Raffle!

    Total Number of Tickets x (Random Decimal Value between 0 and 1) = Winning Ticket Number Example - 305 x .0532323 = 16.23585 ≈ 16 (Winning Ticket) That should be changed to floor( (305) * RANDOM) + 1 Think of the edge cases. The last entry has a disadvantage. As it can not be > MAX so rounding gives them against odds. Most random number generators do not generate 1 as a N so the max with this new is 304.9 -> 304 then you add a 1 to 305 and a minimum of 0.1 and you add a 1 to get 1.
  2. Submit jokes!

    your life
  3. [GMOD] [TTT] [MAWDEREIGHTOR(mod)] [Untied Status Marin Crops]

    +l. I don't want any baby killers on my server though. He also was pretty cool when I get on
  4. Staff Holding Grudges. [Demotion][Ban?]

    needs a tl;dr
  5. Pedo Bear PM

    +1 We should add this
  6. [GMOD][TTT][Unban][Juni]

    -1 its a well deserved ban
  7. .

    still shitty
  8. Sidartha's New PC

    You got a monitor, keyboard, and mouse?
  9. ~GMOD TTT Memorial Event~

  10. Unban request

    +1 was there. I wondered why you got permad for only 2 kills too Player ARES left the game (Kicked by ZephyR(STEAM_0:1:152603048) (Banned permanently: MAss)' Your steamID is: STEAM_0:0:177712260 logs:
  11. gmod dun broke

    have you tried to git gud?
  12. New York Meet

    Come to Chicago one these days. I'm sure a lot of people near there would love to meet you!
  13. GMOD TTT Memorial Day

    I thought memorial day was just one of those days I don't have to go into work though

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