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  1. GMOD TTT Staff abuse

    Is this real? lmfao
  2. In Game Name : Deductedhawk Steam ID : STEAM_0:0:58884166 Hours In Server (gametracker) : 24( i swear i'm getting more active) Recommendations By Moderators | Admins : Didn't ask Do You Know Basic Admin Commands for GMOD (ulx) : yes Why Do You Think You Deserve Staff : I don't What Rules Do You See Commonly Broken on TTT : RDM of course, but the server is broken Have You Previously Been Staff For This Server : nope Have You Previously Been Staff For Any Server : Yes
  3. I hop on every now and then and hearing that this word is banned and can be punished was honestly idiotic. If being targeted I'd understand that this and/or any word can be offensive but that's why the server has staffing to prevent that. It's silly to even think you have to be careful with your own speech when saying it in a joking manner. +1 Let me call Slender a faggot.
  4. New Developer of CG TTT here

    Congrats fam
  5. PsychoBitch Resignation

    The nerd resigned :^)
  6. More Jumping Not Adding Up

    Spades is salty af man. Good owner :^)
  7. More Jumping Not Adding Up

    lmfao this is golden.
  8. Parkerstar11's intro

    Make sweet love to me.. I mean welcome!

    +1 Cancer.
  10. oh DADDDY no one makes me clench as hard as you

  11. [GMOD][TTT][ADMIN][PsychoBitch]

    +1 Kimi used ot be the HA of TTT#2 and while many didn't see her fit for the position, I feel as if she has the qualifications for admin. Although it might be biased she does know how to manage her powers. somewhat
  12. Golden AK Community Petition

    Golden ak has always been an issue. Main thing to make it somewhat less OP would be to bring the clip size down to 25 and to bring the RPm down to 700 while keeping the damage the same. Of course it's OP but the GOlden AK was meant to be like that since the beginning.
  13. [TTT][Demotion Request][MooMooTree13]

    The fact that you give up so easily and let your emotions run you make it pretty obvious you can't stay neutral when needed to be. As being staff on TTT you need to be neutral at all times. my conflicts with you as well from a while ago made it obvious you attack people that continously annoy you or upset you while ignoring your close friends actions. I have no "proof" of this but i'm sure more than half of the regulars would agree with said statement. All in all if you are willing to give up then you deserve the demotion.

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