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  1. Forum Moderator [Rin]

    I just don't think another forum mod is necessary right now. forums isn't active enough to warrant any more staff, at least in my opinion. no flame to Rin but i doubt he will make any difference in the activity of the forums. Maybe giveaways and stuff will help the activity but only for a little bit. Also we all saw how the last of his giveaways went, so I really don't know how I feel about this one. idrc what happens tho Neutral
  2. Donated for the First time!

    thanks bud <3
  3. Submit jokes!

    you guys ready for this zinger... your not alright, here it is
  4. Let's Rebuild CG, Together

    yeah hes busy with you in pound town. isnt that right @The Asian, up top bro.
  5. Let's Rebuild CG, Together

    on it boss.
  6. [Blacklist Request][Rin]

    yeah this post is stupid. this isnt even blacklist worthy ur fine bro, dw
  7. Destiny 2

    can i be invited
  8. Something UBER Fun♥

    pretty garbage. u clearly play like 1 game a day
  9. Things that need to be said.

    i dont know whats going on but it sounds like people care too much about useless shit
  10. lemme talk in the shoutbox

    x fuckin d
  11. TS staff is small brain

    not a joke. all ts staff is small brain
  12. lemme talk in the shoutbox

    yeah dyrus wooooooo. you tell em. woooooooo
  13. Philip's Bye Bye

    no no no
  14. Philip's Bye Bye

    you clearly dont know my long extensive list of achievements. do you think just anyone can get the pussy slayer award.
  15. Philip's Bye Bye

    ill take his spot in community council dw

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