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  1. Something UBER Fun♥

    pretty garbage. u clearly play like 1 game a day
  2. Things that need to be said.

    i dont know whats going on but it sounds like people care too much about useless shit
  3. lemme talk in the shoutbox

    x fuckin d
  4. TS staff is small brain

    not a joke. all ts staff is small brain
  5. lemme talk in the shoutbox

    yeah dyrus wooooooo. you tell em. woooooooo
  6. Philip's Bye Bye

    no no no
  7. Philip's Bye Bye

    you clearly dont know my long extensive list of achievements. do you think just anyone can get the pussy slayer award.
  8. Philip's Bye Bye

    ill take his spot in community council dw
  9. TS staff is small brain

    bro u keep saying shit like that, you'll develop a small brain
  10. TS staff is small brain

    who r u? is the better question
  11. Let's Count to 20!

    i miss when topic bumping got a warning. where my forum mod niggas at
  12. TS staff is small brain

    hey im big brian
  13. Headline's Resignation

  14. Headline's Resignation

    Headline you've always been the best owner. I will miss you even more than I miss krispymcchicken. We're always in ts if u wanna slide through and play some pubg with the boys. gl with college and shit. <3
  15. Battle of the Communities IV

    im not reading this all but ill just assume this is a league tournament. sign me up. im a support main

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