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  1. Animal Crackers in my soup....

    Dam.... I think i just made the soup better.
  2. Donating for moderator/admin on servers.

    +1 ppl could just mess up the server by banning ppl for no reason.
  3. Need at least 1 admin on at all times.

    There are pepole that can see that admins aren't on the server and so they break rules and mic spam when they are dead. For example 1.) they camp and wait for them to be the last 4 2.) mic spam 3.) team after the last 4 So i think there so be 1 admin on at all times, they should make a schedule when this admin is on and that admin is on.
  4. R.P. Server For Garry's Mod

    It takes time to make a good RP server if you think you can make one that many people will like i say go for it.

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